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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Standby for a week off!

By popular request (sic) Oldrightie is taking a week off! Newrightie will be entertaining all and sundry with talents far superior to my own. (Not difficult!) So I look forward to returning to blogging and to pursue the inedible doing the unspeakable, whatever their Party. Usually Labour but not always. The Labour daily failures and the countdown to 5th of November (check the advertising order books for then, says a mate of mine in Brum) widgets will be suspended. I shall miss you all, I really will. One last little prayer is that no more soldiers are killed in Afghanistan whilst I'm busy under gardening.


  1. Looking forward to Mr NR's contributions. Don't go lifting heavy stuff, OR :)

  2. Ah! but is a raving racist homophope like your good self oddrightie.

    I hear you are actually off to Ireland to aid the dwindling NO brigade

  3. The NO vote in Ireland is going strong. The YES vote in Ireland is weak, despite desperate companies ploughing ££££'s into brainwashing the Irish.

    The harder you point that finger Anonymouse, the longer your nose grows.