Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Payback Time?

Here We Go Again!

I suppose he'll be having some terrific times with Jimmy's brother. Junkets, flights, Europe wide dominance of nuclear power. As each day passes we are buried ever deeper in the mushroom cellar. Only a few weeks ago this cretin was a Defence Minister and now bosh, welcome to the gravy train first class Pullman service. Oh, by the way, nice work promoting The EUSSR. Your going far, my boy.

Sorry about the crap sound, I can't afford expensive kit!


  1. Crap sound or not OR, the sentiment still gets across. Smug bastards! Will it change though? I doubt it.

  2. First Class Example of Political Corruption.

  3. Why doesn't this surprise me?

    Hope your wife was out when you were recording that OR. :) Fantastic effort!

  4. She was, she was! She did buy the shirt though!

  5. Nice one, OR, good use of that tune!