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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Ongoing Saga.

Who Have They Upset Now?
Milliband's gaffes and useless credibility around the world is well documented but he's only the image that Labour give everyone as to how bloody awful The UK has become. Now this Magrahi affair has just underlined the lack of leadership and intellect our Government is deficient in. From the very top down.
Jimmy fell for Gadaffi's spiel which may yet not result in the deals he hopes for. Furthermore the Bilderbergers and their American cronies are also not best pleased that we have seemingly "gone it alone" with Libya. It's always about following the money but only as "instructed". If Jim really did try one off his own bat, boy has he got it wrong.
As for the ends justifying the means, I assume The Dr Kelly business was along the same lines. So fellow citizens, toe the line, don't complain or else, for the "overwhelming benefit of The UK", as Jumping Jack Flash would say,
anything goes.


  1. They do now!

  2. Scotland via MacAskill didn't go it alone; the UK, via the Foreign Office, didn't go it alone (wouldn't dare go it alone). David Kelly's death is a mystery yet to be unravelled. Oh God... who voted for this bloody incompetent self-serving shower of freaks to be our government? Look at the country now. We're on our fucking knees and still they lie and spin yet still people believe them.

    Oh - sorry, have to go - BBC News is on and I wouldn't like to miss an episode of that true-to-life drama, Eastenders... and please remind me to bookmark Twats Got Talent.

  3. Wouldn't it be just mind-numbingly awful if it turned out that the al-Megrahi deal, whatever it was, was McBroon's first foray into secret, international, political wheeler-dealing? Everything he touches turns to stuff that, if it were 20 times more fragrant and 20 less squelchy, might be described as 'shit'.

    There's an asteroid the size of Switzerland on its way right now, and all because the Jonah Brown lives here.

  4. Asteroids is a polite term for piles isn't it....just kidding!

    If Jonah would only learn the fact that he's not actually very clever, he would have a lot less trouble and so would we!