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Friday, 11 September 2009

Oldrightie Comes Clean?

Guess The MP!

Do any of my pals remember my depressive state? Well here's a clue!

9th of September, 2009
Dear ****************
It is with some reluctance and sadness that I herebye resign as Deputy Chairman, (Political), Press Officer and CPF Chairman.
I have attempted to work for the welfare of The Constituency and the furtherance of Conservative aims and values, to the best of my ability. I have been particularly proud of the warmth and thanks I have received for chairing our CPF debates.
Unfortunately, as the years have ticked by I have found my motivation and my energy debilitated by the lack of movement in many areas. The steady, un-addressed decline in full membership, being one of them. It breaks my heart to see the huge effort made by so many people, not recognised in a practical reciprocation.
A further example of my frustration has been the failure to appoint a Deputy Chairman (membership and fund raising). I have flirted with some of those tasks and in fact introduced two members directly. I helped significantly to establish a ******* Ward Branch and attempted to assist *****in his excellent progress as Liaison Officer. I am of the opinion that the Constitutional format of an Association Committee is a minimum of a Chairman and two deputies. Part VII, section 45 and that the lack of a second deputy has been incorrect as well as logistically damaging.
In response to concerns at the weaknesses suggested there has been purely a metaphorical shrug of the shoulders.
There is a legion of other issues. The succession of officers in the rapidly approaching AGM requirement, next February, has only now been put on the table after pressure to do so.
The dissatisfaction of swathes of our members as to the woeful public meeting, regarding our MP’s expenses, held last May, have also not been assuaged. Indeed a total effort, at the expense of The Association’s health, has been garnered in countering rather than healing the growing mood within ***** ********. The public utterances have only served to promote the “business as usual” perception in The Constituency.
By October, a possible General Election could well be called. Yet for the whole of the very long parliamentary recess, we have done not one jot of campaigning other than The EU elections, where our MP was again noted for his absence.
I do not want this letter to be a catalogue of complaint. I am not immune from criticism on some issues, myself. Although I have never felt that my Deputy Chairmanship was ever anything but a paper exercise.
In the month of August and the days leading up to this letter, this has become ever more apparent. When called upon for help by The ********** Councillors, I believe my response was a good one, in The Chairman’s absence. Subsequently, approaches from a myriad of sources led me to understand that my subjugated feelings were in fact very much in tune with our members and our electorate. However, two months are about to have gone by without a management meeting. Those meetings in June and July were dominated by the expenses debacle and an excellent example of how other matters have suffered.
It was therefore my intention to gather opinion and debate the parlous state of The Association and the plunging support for activists to campaign on behalf of our MP. Unfortunately you, Chairman, have been absent for much of August and now two weeks in September.
At the excellent *********** Branch event of the 4th of September I advised you of the concerns felt by many of us, that a meeting sooner rather than later was to be sought by me and that I intended to call such a meeting during your forthcoming holiday. I also advised you that our Local Government Officer would be discussing issues the following day. This in order to endeavour to ensure that the active members of the committee could put forward debate in a climate not affected by the pressure that we have felt in meetings.
Nevertheless, throughout my efforts, I have been fully aware that my position as Deputy Chairman and indeed, Constitutional Chairman in your absence, has been totally undermined and belittled.
I have tried to act honourably and in accordance with requests from members and officers. This has brought about exchanges, discussions and efforts to head off the debate, so long overdue. Such as actions that could have been carried out in June of this year.
Your discussions from abroad, with our President and the resultant collapse of support for my efforts to hold a meeting are the final straw.
I am unable to support The ******* day with one jot of enthusiasm and apologise unreservedly to the people I shall let down on this day whilst wishing them every success in their endeavours.
I shall continue my wholehearted support for The Conservative doctrine through my Chairmanship of The ***** Branch, so long as they wish me to do so. I shall hopefully retain good contact with the activists and members I have enjoyed working with and in particular the excellent enthusiasm of The ******* Chairman.
I suggest that this resignation will enable The Association Management Committee to continue firmly along it’s established path and that any barrier to The Chairman’s continuation into a fourth year will be removed subject to the approval of The Area Committee.
I wish to thank the many members and supporters for electing me in the past and hope fervently they will understand my resignation. Any assistance that may be requested, particularly with regard to our CPF debates, I shall happily provide.
Yours sincerely,
I might reveal more if you clamour for me to do so. Since you are few in number, it's all bollocks anyway, isn't it?

Mind you those who will not wish this to be made public, will hope the clamour does not arise!

This Chairman has already expressed concern that I blog.
Tut, tut how dare you! Also that lovely phrase "No names no pack drill."
I shall never forget a drill sergeant, " Who was on ablutions this morning? The place looks like a shit house"!
Such is life.



  1. Bloody well done. You've gone up in my estimation. I do enjoy your stuff but often a bit wacky for me.
    You do come across here as OK. Who the f*ck are these people?

  2. Welcome to the real world. I have a bit of sympathy for your stance but the shit will never go away. I also think your redaction is a cop out.

  3. These days, this type of action seems prevalent to all those who seek to be our celebrated overlords in this, the modern era. The common foot soldier is to be listened too, and complemented richly, when power is no more than a distant dream. Then he's important, then he's recognised as a vital coil in the huge machinery, that makes the vast corporation tick over soundly and well.
    Once power is obtainable however, the leading role blossoms into a demigod of his own deluded self righteousness. Someone far too complexed, and thus, completely out of reach to we mere mortals. We are to admire from a distance, and never pour scorn. We must listen, learn and obey, and never ask questions of their obvious superiority.

    I'm as yet unsure, as to how much the Internet has played it's part in my contempt for modern politicians of all political persuasions. Hugely I would imagine, as without the Internet my thoughts would still be no more than of a singular thought out let.

  4. Count me in as a clamour model, the modern name for a harlot. It's always good to hear more about what the politicos want kept quiet.

  5. Courageous indeed OR. Reminds me of the incident which was the last straw for me and forced my resignation.

    Later I decided not to renew my party membership.

  6. Three very supportive comments most welcome! Subrosa, it may well come to that!
    JB, I'll think about more narrative at a later time.
    D&C, in a nutshell.

  7. Dear OldRightie,

    Sorry to hear about the local difficulties, I'm sure you know what I mean when I say I understand your frustrations.

    Local difficulties aside please keep the faith and I shall continue to look out for your blogs

    Yours Herefordshire ex pat now in Devon