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Friday, 25 September 2009

An oldie but a goodie

It's an old video, but it just serves as a reminder as to the mind of the despot who 'not only saved the banks, but saved the world'. A disastrous super-hero complex clouds the Furher's judgement all day long. He has the cheek to suggest that the UK is in growth and that it's down to his wise actions. It is not helpful when Henry Kissinger hands Jimmy an award for his role in protecting the global economy, what role was that then? Let me understand this, the yanks are handing Jimmy an accolade for his role in promoting and creating financial stability across the globe! Apart from give the order to print a few million banknotes, it's difficult to imagine what role Jimmy has played in all this, other than a complete destructive one.

How many years will it take a Conservative government to scale down the state and put an end to rampant spending? As before, by the time things are straightened out, Labour are back in to bugger it all up again. Councils have grown like weeds all over the Country, the empire building days of New Labour are drawing to a close. But, this is like pulling a leech from the skin, it leaves a mess behind. The Millennium Bug has come a decade late. An army of millions of pen-pushing civil servants will have to leave the hibernation that started in 1997, can we not redeploy them into the UK Border Agency?


  1. oddrightie

    The state will be more or less the same regardless of who wins the election just you wait and see.

    after all it survived the worst that Thatcher threw at it.And compared to Thatcher Cameron is a slimy SLUG

  2. The state is traditionally smaller under a Conservative government, quite by how much we are yet to see. The difference this time, is that the country simply cannot afford to run expensive councils. Most our big councils are in massive debt, they cannot afford to pay legions of people £100,000 per year. We will have to lose some of the less vital jobs to bring the system back into equilibrium. Labour really did expand the number of seemingly pointless jobs on a masssive scale, this will have to be reigned in, even Labour have conceded this!

  3. Covering up nervousness and fear with his usual bluster, OR.

  4. Poor bastard looks like he's expecting a bullet at any minute. It is becoming too pitiable now for comfort.