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Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Madness Of King Jimmy!

Clegg "Nicks" Treasury Propaganda!

A big propaganda treasury statement from our unbiased civil servants now claim The Tories are the party of spend, spend, spend. Cloggy jumps on the bandwagon.
Now look here, are they cut, cut, cut or what. All this shit is about HOW a Tory Government will spend differently. To spend more wisely than Jimmy Snot and Labour, or even Cloggy, is not a difficult option. So, of course, now Labour are the axe men, the Tories, overnight, are the profligates. Smacks of desperation and of losing the plot to me.
Mind you is this, below, how savings might be found?

● Britain's accumulated trade deficit with the other EU member states since we joined has risen to £359.5 billion
This year membership of the European Union will cost Britain £60.1 billion gross, or £50.6 billion net
That is the equivalent for every man, women and child in Britain of over £1,000 per year gross or £843 net

You tell me!


  1. The theory was the profits from banking and finance would pay for all this, allied to the takings from property price hyperinflation. The trouble is tha the money men pay limited taxes and churning property had to stop sometime.

  2. vote for the E.U in the morning in the afternoon and in the evening vote every day.

    E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U E.U

    I have seen the future and it is European why they have even got a Thacher(in Angela Merkel) now.

  3. I don't know why Cleggover even bothers, OR. Does anyone actually listen to him without laughing?