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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lib Dems stating the bleedin' obvious again

It's conference season and a small group of Lib Dems have converged on a dilapidated conference centre to dribble out their desperate policies for the last time before a general election. They are the party of limited hope, having to believe in themselves, yet knowing that their significance will dwindle further still. Oh what resolve must a Lib Dem need, to forge ahead in these circumstances. Their logo is the phoenix that will never quite rise from the ashes, flightless as a chicken! They are caught between the politics of their wealthy older supporters in the South West and the less well off supporters in the South East, they will never please both. A party with zero identity, clutching at straws of meaning.

But here we have old Paddy, at last, telling us that Afghanistan could be lost as the British public lose confidence in the mission. Paddy's been caught in a timewarp though; you're a few years too late, but better late than never. Confidence was lost shortly before a few hundred soldier's lives were lost to avoidable failings, like equipment shortages. Well at least you're on the bandwagon now, another voice calling for 9,000 brave heroes to return to their homeland. There was talk of "withdrawal", "clear exit strategy" and "conclusion" by our orange rosetted strugglers. It's a start, at least.


  1. They've become like a comedy act, not to be taken seriously :)

  2. Have always had great difficulty taking them seriously, none more so than when Charles Kennedy was leader! Found legless in the loo on a train, with an empty hipflask. Presumably the hopelessness of his party's political potential made him turn to drink.

  3. 'Legless in the loo on a train, with an empty hipflask.'

    Pretty good metaphor for the entidre Lib Dem party, that. Not even a reserve hipflask.

  4. I would start to take them seriously, OR.

    There is a real chance of a hung parliament at the next election, with the frightening possibility of the Lib Dems being in a position to decide which, Conservative or Labour, party will form a government.

    Clegg has steadfastly refused to say how they would go in that circumstance.

    So the Lib Dems could be the means by which Labour gets another 5 years.

    That is serious enough in my book.

  5. A valid warning Edgar. Maybe we take it for granted that the benches will turn all blue. Could we need a little support from the Lib Dems afterall? I'd like to think that the Conservative majority would be a healthy one, but is this too presumptious. I can't imagine Lib Dems ever working along side Conservatives, or Labour for that matter. One can only hope that their own vote is poor and reduces any bargaining power they have.

  6. Labour's vote in the north of England has totally collapsed according to an article in the FT. It may not be as tight as the Lib Dems would like to think, OR.