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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Labour Face Meltdown!

I Rather Suspect Jimmy's Game Is Up!

Jim can now spend more time with his hobbies! Or perhaps his hobby horse. Mandy has gurned his way into the same deluded mindset as the rest of them and raves about Jimmy's new drug induced conference speech. It was rather a shame that Jim's thick legged partner had re-discovered her very old PR manual. Times have changed, my dear. We don't do gushing over dirty nappies these days. Still The Sun has come from behind the clouds. Opportunistic but still not very helpful. Ed Milliband thinks it's not a problem. As I say they are all on a dolly mixture or cocktail of delusion and fantasy. I suspect they will all be pushers of happy pills when the populace gets to realise how very soundly they have fucked us up!


  1. It's all over now, OR, the Sun have effectively, and very efficiently, (not before time), killed him off along with the rest of his rabble.

    Regardless of what Toilets and the other lefty MSM types say, (they "think" that the timing is strange), the timing of this is absolutely spot on for the Conservative conference next week as well as having emphasised all the crappy bits of Gordon's speech and the Labour conference,(everything)!

  2. Sarah Brown : “He’s not a saint. He’s messy. He’s noisy. He gets up at a terrible hour!”. Sounds like he needs to increase the dose of his happy pills - waking up very early is a symptom of depression.

  3. Now that The Sun Newspaper have disowned Labour, all is lost for them!

  4. Mandelson claimed that he always knew the results of elections.

    So has the 'Sun'.

    The difference is that what the 'Sun' decides actually matters.