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Monday, 14 September 2009

Labels, scourge of real debate.

Racism, Homophobia,Sexism..............

The one time in my life I enjoyed immigration into this country was when we accepted Idi Amin's expulsion of his Asian residents. I saw it as humane and decent. As for the rest of the time I RESENT it. I resent the wealth of the country, such as it is , being wasted on providing for cultures, languages, housing and medical care we could barely afford since WW2. I resent such mass overcrowding and the strains on our services that prevent us offering sanctuary to the deserving, whilst busy purchasing a slavish electorate of benefit leeches and wastrels.
Too harsh? Check out the proportion of ethnic minorities out of work, in jail or on benefit. Check out the costs for housing, translating and medical care.
So, now the cry will go up "but we need these workers to staff our hospitals etcetera".
Rubbish. if discipline and responsibility were a requirement for social protection and security few would pass the exam.
it is time to reduce our population not expand it. In his latest programme, David Attenborough will tell us that in 50 years the human population has increased three fold He will explain how this will lead to the end of our species..
In the UK it has increased by almost 50%. Say no more. Whatever the subject, you can only say so much before you get an aggressive label plonked on you. Where will it all end?


  1. Bit like Harrow last Sunday.

  2. I heard a trailer for David Attenborough's programme earlier.

    We can't say we weren't forewarned about this though can we?

    The fault lies with labour.

  3. IMO, labels simply don't matter any more.

    If anyone wishes to call me a 'racist' or an 'Islamophobe' because I want those people, and all who sympathise with them, of whatever fucking colour or religion, out of this country, that's just fine by me.

    I believe (a) the number of people is increasing who want a return to a more decent and honourable way of life, and (b) those people are becoming bolder and better informed. Whether this is enough, I don't know because, as yet, I don't see anyone else on their side.

  4. were will it end.

    when we take over the U.K. completey bit by bit as our DNA slowy and surely mixes with yours. eventually in years to come your childrens children will look in the mirror and the face staring back at them will not be yours.It will be ours the immigrants and then your feeble DNA will be wiped of the planet for all time.

    And the united kingdom as the rest of europe will belong to us forever.

  5. I'm just waiting for some sulking UAF idiot to come here and spit his dummy out of the pram after reading your post.

    As for the world's overpopulation problem, I've a feeling that World War III will sort a lot of that out and that's going to kick off in the next 20 years. Hopefully we'll have sorted out our defence procurement issues before it begins.

  6. You remind me of someone I always so admired, Uncle Bob! As for Osama, we certainly won't wish to mix our blood with yours. Ask Adolf! Your words are exactly as his. Cretin.

  7. O God! Put between me and errors a distance as great as that which you put between east and west! O God! Clean me of my errors as a white garment is cleaned of dirt!

  8. "Let all the meetings of the lands agree to separate the one from the other, the east from the west and war be confined to neither. Let all war be between brothers, that no stranger be slain or their lands despoiled."

    Workd for me!

  9. We've all had enough, OR, for every reason you've posted. Like Edgar, I don't care about labels anymore as they are only ever used to smear and to stifle proper debate and it seems that a lot of people are waking up to this fact. Also if things carry on the way they are doing, Uncle Bob's scenario is bang on the money. It's time for some MEGA deportation, repatriation or whatever you want to call it - just get them the fuck out of here and give us our once-civilised country back again! Fuck 'em all!!

  10. BBC's Panorama was typical Al Ja Beeb and relevant to your article OR. All about the poor Africans who walked for days to get to Libya so they could get a boat into Europe. But those bad Italians acting under the direction of the EU were stopping them. Doing deals with Libya ( our new best friends) to detain the immigrants ! How very dare they ! And picking on the people smugglers and giving them 10 year sentences. But Al Ja Beeb assured us that they would be doing a follow up programme next month to try and find out about this dodgy deal. And EXPOSE it !
    In the real world with a proper state broadcaster we would be given the good news that at last the EU were tackling the illegal immigration issue. Our new realtionship with Libya has allowed us to negotiate a scheme whereby illegal shipments of people will now be stopped at source.

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  12. Abdul, you lot crave the arms of our sweet smelling, fair skinned girls. Yet when you have defiled them and they are all gone, the fragrance you so long for will be lost to your ancestors and the sweetness no more. Seems mad to me! Like all the roses in the garden having the same rather off scent and no honeysuckle left.
    No, at least my life will have been awash with the fairness of my race rather than the darkness of the soul that matches the darkness of the cup.

    BBC nonsense said..........The BBC is staffed by an army of PC Twats. With luck they will be gone ere long. Make the buggers commercial, no licence tax and then watch the changes. Pissing off your viewers does not attract advertising!

  13. OR, you keep saying you are not a racist yet you seem to be relishing responding in racist terms to the racists from the other side. Please stop this - it is sickening.

  14. Martin Luther King15 September 2009 at 13:07

    The good neighbor looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human and, therefore, brothers.

  15. If you're the good samaritan and you invite someone in need into your own home for help, you don't expect them to turn it upside down and push you out as a thankyou for your kindness. If Labour are your landlord then that is what is demanded of you and you will obey.

  16. Me, I have been absolutely vicious but completely polite to many people today. I have simply changed overnight. My mum thinks I'm going to kill myself any minute now.

    My Internet and phone is probably bugged now. They want to find out what is eating us, eh? Give freedom a bit of a chance.

    I come across as psychotic to many people. But they agree with me when they say the country is in a state. Cognitive dissonance?

    What society do we want? Where is this leading to?