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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Jimmy's Word?

Jimmy, Such An Honourable Chap!

Now here are two super fellows, close buddies of our Country and the kind of people we are forced to stomach when you put trade before honour. As I posted just yesterday, dealing with these types ends in the forgotten deaths of an awful lot of innocent people. Still if it is in the "overwhelming interest of The United Kingdom" anything goes. That includes you and me.

Do remember Jimmy's statement to Parliament, December, 2007. "We do not negotiate with these people". What a bare faced liar.
We also don't obtain compensation for IRA victims either. What is that all about? It really all shows where the human race is headed. Oblivion with or without global warming! Mind you, my understanding is that these super heroes are bosom buddies with our Government and Lords. Arise Sir Martin? Welcome Lord Gadaffi?

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