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Friday, 4 September 2009

Jimmy's Real Situation?

Clueless, Unwanted, Even Hated At Home?

We are to be lectured today about The Government's fantastic achievements, moral purpose and utter devotion to duty they, (except Major Joyce) and our beloved Leader, have for the cause of creating as much death, mayhem and terror in Afghanistan, as possible. Hey, listen up, makes us safe in our homes from marauding Taliban throughout the land. Of course it does.


  1. I suppose in some ways The Taliban are on our side!!!

  2. Brown again has 'explained' that the reason there is mayhem in Afghanistan is to prevent terrorism in the UK. He maintains that, if we leave Afghanistan, then the Taliban will move straight back in and 'undo' all that has been 'achieved'.

    (a) The Taliban are still there, they don't have to 'move back in.'

    (b) If they are waiting to move back in, when will it be safe to leave Afghanistan? Never? Or only when every last one of them is dead?

    His 'explanation' has more holes in it than Jack the Ripper's alibi, which it begins to resemble more and more closely every day.

  3. Wasn't it a dreadful performance? No change there then, election sooner rather than later, I suspect.

  4. I must have been half asleep, as I managed to confuse Gordon with the story about the cannibal released into the community by the NHS.

  5. I've yet to hear it - couldn't bring myself to listen to it at lunchtime as the day was going well here.

  6. The bit I was able to force myself to watch was truly woeful, OR.