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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Jimmy Orders New Raid?

Jim Acts On Information From Rentokil.

Drowning Street has reported, that, on the express demand of James (I do NOT eat my snot everyday) aka Jimmy Snot, a request for help to kill a rodent, in a busy street in Kabul, was authorised by the Prime Mentalist.
The PM is expected to make a statement to the effect that though this single rat escaped, the effectiveness of his capability to respond instantly was paramount. A local rat catcher had requested more time to tempt the creature into a cage using rotten meat found regularly in the streets. The PM refused to accept this approach stating to his closest aides, gathered in the empty room (Stan Holloway allusion, such as I ate a plain cake with currants in, I ate it and gave it 'em back) I am in charge, I've taken my pills so bomb that bloody rodent!

Several fatalities are reported. None of them rats!

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  1. Shame someone doesn't bury this Government in a crater.