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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Jimmy has just left the building

What's this! Lord Mandy Fondlepaddles has released a thinly veiled suggestion that he would be prepared to defect to the Conservative Party in return for a cabinet job in Cameron's forthcoming administration. Alastair Darling has said that Labour have 'lost the will to live'. Broon tells us that he is keen to win back Middle England, a proposterous suggestion, can you restore the pensions of a few million men and women? No, they have been spent on enlarging the state to nanny us all to a numb and brain dead spludge on the floor.

When the leadership of a government are denouncing their own party, all is truly lost. How can it ever get to a situation like this? If they are so disenamoured with their own party, they are surely leaving the country to rot and fend for itself like never before. Jim's own party are abandoning the cause like holding scalding hot coals. Longlimbs Marr interrogates Brown on the use of prescription drugs this morning, are the injections becoming more frequent Herr Doktor? Is the right hand shaking? What colourful visions and patterns do you see before your eyes? You only have to look at the video on here the other day to realise that the shakes are there!

We're beyond meltdown, the core has vapourised into the ether, all shreds of control and wisdom have been carried away by the wind. Cameron continues to call for a TV debate with Jimbo and what a test of nerves this would be. Extra sedation Herr Doktor!

Achtung!! Achtung!! Vould zumbody pleze kall a doktor!!


  1. He bet the house on a pair of two's, and now does not know whether to throw in the hand or up the betting (with our money).

  2. Couldn't have put it better; Jimmy would bet on a single Ace, he did it with the gold.

  3. And the hall is half empty, as predicted, OR.

  4. He is a real champ oddrighie you are just an odd chump.

    labour up 5% in the you gov poll in one day

    and you lose the lisbon vote as well what a week

    Lord Mandelson's speech

    a snippet

    The British people have their eyes on the future and so must we.

    We are the true progressives.

    We must be restless for change, impatient to do more for the hard-working people we serve, unafraid to embrace new reform, new policies and new thinking where it is needed.

    We need to think like insurgents, not incumbents.

    To challenge. To argue for change. To campaign.

    To be the real change-makers in British politics.

    This is our task.

    We need to fight back. Of course we do.

    But to do so successfully it is up to us to explain – with confidence, clarity and conviction – what the choice is.

    The choice between a Conservative party whose judgements on the credit crunch were wrong, or a party providing leadership in the toughest of times.

    A choice between a party that lurches to the right the second it sees a chance of doing so, or our party that is resolutely in the progressive centre.

    A choice between a party that does not understand the new world we live in or even what has happened in the last year, or a Labour Party that knows the world has changed and we have to change with it.

    Experience and change with Gordon's leadership.

    Or the shallowness of David Cameron.

    In one way or another I have been part of the last five election campaigns this Party has fought.

    Let me tell you a secret. Deep down in my guts I always knew who was going to win. Even, sadly, in 1992.

    This time, it is not cut and dried.

    This election is up for grabs.

    So conference, we may be the underdogs.

    But if we show the British people that we have not lost the fighting spirit and appetite for change which has defined this party throughout its history then we can and will win.

    Win for our Party.

    Win for our country.

    Win for the British people.

  5. First of all anonymouse, the YouGov poll changes several percentage points each day, what matters is that the Conservatives are convincingly ahead of Labour. Secondly, it's 4 days left until the Irish vote, you're getting ahead of yourself!

    Mandy's speech is meaningless, he's already agreed to work for the Conservatives, hah!

  6. So this crooked, bent and disgraced ghost from the past stands up and tells his party that, as a true socialist, he is going to donate his millions of ill- gotten gains, all his cast off boys (who have sadly grown in to big boys),and this filth, that is Labour's pederast of a patronising piece of shit, will follow his "Saviour of the debt mountain" pal into oblivion. The joy of the impending meltdown is to savour and relish. Sadly we have to put up with and pay for a mountain of dog turd before we can wash the excrement away.
    I will tell you this, that crap from Mandleson was better orchestrated that tne last night of the proms. What we did not see was the vomit that washed through the conference center. If The British people wish this gang of crooks, Blairite wealth stealers and sucklers of their tax largesse, to pederast their way through their kids, well they will continue to enjoy sucking the rancid cocks of Labour and it's Dorchester Union Barons, for evermore. Condemned to a living hell of continued swallowing of the piss-take and useless semen of donated poison that is near 13 years of the incompetent and debauched constipation of decency!

  7. Blimey, I thought smug smug smug was talking for the BNP at first.