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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Is this why Council Staff want to count the next day?

The Rumour Is That Bonfire Night May Produce A Different Set Of Fireworks.

Jimmy announces an election for the 5th of November. Paul S. aka Guido is ecstatic! The announcement will be made on the day of Cameron's speech to The Conservative Conference, then the held back expenses dirt will be unleashed on The Conservatives. If Labour cling to power pushing the "we have got you through the recession" fine. If not Jimmy will leave to rapturous applause and the love of a grateful Party faithful. It will not be very loud applause, however.
So you thought the Treasury leak was big. How about the one from right inside The Labour inner circle!
Hat tip, Columbine plot!

Fondlebum in pot and kettle mode today;

"You will see as the general election approaches in Britain all becoming fair in love, war and propaganda. We've started to see this week, although I must say I think it's started to raise some interesting questions about the Conservatives' and Mr Cameron's own candour," he added."

Now when I was an aviator "the approach" was in referring to coming in to land. An imminent event!

v. ap·proached, ap·proach·ing, ap·proach·es
To come near or nearer, as in space or time:

Sounds about right!


  1. Makes perfect sense, the ballot boxes are being dusted down right now!

  2. I wonder why they may have been quite careless? Or is it more Jimmy incompetence?

  3. I really don't think the Labour Party are brave enough. I think we are going to have to suffer on through with Brown at the helm clinging until the very end!

  4. If the Irish vote "Yes" to the Lisbon treaty farce, on October the 2nd, then New Labour will have perhaps achieved the final objective of this current junta, in denying a vote to the British peoples.

    Then the fun and games can begin in earnest.

    November the fifth may not be far off the mark if the sheep vote according to plan, but I do now wonder with Cameron, is there really any point in "Change" anyway?

    If the Irish vote "No" again, would he then definitely give us a vote on the E.U. mega monster sometime next Year?

    Up until a few months ago, I would have considered myself a middle of the road Tory and voted accordingly. Since that time, my views have moved "rightwards" as Iv encountered many a vulgar Socialist on a personal level, and come to realise what these manipulative, spiteful, self righteous, arrogant, morons, are actually all about.

    So Cameron? - I will vote for him, but I do hold out very low expectation levels on what he'll do on his ascension to power.

  5. I'll vote for Cameron whenever it happens simply to get rid of the current tribe of Hoons, but I'd much rather Nigel Farage was getting the job - at least we'd know where we stood over the EU and many other anti-British laws that ought to be repealed.

  6. The unrest is growing, Blears' car was attacked while she was pestering constituents, riots here and there ... could be the next election will be 100% postal, for 'security' reasons.

    But don't worry if you don't get to the postbox on time - your vote has already been counted.

  7. Well, we might at least all go out with a bang! if Labour get back in by whatever means, I'm off, for sure.

  8. I hope you all remember this post!!!!!