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Sunday, 6 September 2009

If You Are White You Are Now....

Automatically A Fascist?

Just glimpse this brief report. The masked men wielding bats were Asian, yet the whole affair is laid at The EDL. Now I'm no supporter of extremism, but who were the most violent in Brum yesterday? Who were protected from gaze? Make your own minds up.


  1. It's becoming a bit frequent.

  2. I've done my own version of this, putting the BBC version of events in conjuncture with I.T.V.s, in a simple attempt to show the bias of our New Labour loving State broadcaster.

  3. The EDL had permission to hold this demo, OR, the UAF, who are the true fascists here, did not. The UAF should, if the police were not frightened of appearing racist, or whatever other political motive is directing them, have been prevented from ever reaching the EDL demo. There were certainly enough police to do the job and the UAF have proved themselves time and time again to be nothing but shit-stirring, trouble-making, violent scum! Cameron seriously needs to withdraw funding for this rabble.

  4. Oddrightie the war goes on then no change no change poor old oddrightie failed yet again

    David Cameron emphasises that British troops are fighting a "necessary war" in Afghanistan to stop terrorism at home

    We need to make it clear to the British people why we're in Afghanistan. It's simple - to stop terrorism here in Britain. We must help the Afghans to stop their country from once again hosting the world's most dangerous terrorists. So we need to train and equip the Afghan army to root out terrorists, and to support them until they can do this for themselves

  5. Anonymouse,

    "So we need to train and equip the Afghan army to root out terrorists, and to support them until they can do this for themselves"

    Now where in this statement does it say we keep fighting and dying ourselves? Furthermore, twat, I do not have to agree with everything a leader says. Unlike you slaves to dogma!

  6. Hoo! hoo!

    Cameron just like Blair makes me laff you are going to get well and truly shafted by Dave just you wait and see oddrightie


  7. It's the same at every demonstration now. The anti-islam brigade do their very best to keep it peaceful, they don't want to be associated with the BNP. They are perfectly within their rights to demonstrate against a system which is incompatible with a democracy!

    I agree with their sentiments entirely... any political/religious faction that treats women the Islam does, has absolutely no place in a civilised society! Islam belongs in it's own barbaric territory where those that wish to live/suffer by its doctrines may do so with my blessing!

    If you study each piece of movie from all of the demo's however, its the leftie socialist scumbags and feral asians that are the trouble makers.

    The riot in Luton proved to be the most telling. The EDL were told demonstrations were banned for 3 months, so they cancelled theirs. What did the muslim asian lads of Lutons extreme left do?

    Without their intended target being there, they decided to take their anger out instead at the police!

    As for Boris and his "everyone should have a day of fasting Ramadan" crap... when we can have our traditional Christian celebrations back without a muslim fucktard moaning, I MIGHT consider being a little more understanding!