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Sunday, 13 September 2009

How We Turn Our Backs.

Please Pause And Consider.......................

Veteran reported living homeless.

"HUNDREDS of British troops, including many injured on front line duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, are to be eased out of the army in an efficiency drive being overseen by Kevan Jones, the veterans’ minister."

Now contrast this "retired " couple;
Cherie Blair, it is claimed, has spent more than £250,000 on antiques from Christie's and Sotheby's to furnish the family's country home!

"It is feared a cash-strapped MoD will not be able to provide sufficient funds to compensate soldiers for the loss of army pay and benefits."

However, Fondlebum Pederast tells us this Labour bunch are wise spenders. They sure are. On themselves, no expense (pun intended) spared.

I really struggle not to hate Labour but they make it very difficult. I will just have to cope with despising the ground they tread. There again, will it be any different under a new regime. My confidence in that arena is somewhat dented at the moment.


Nice to see the MSM catching up. Better late than never I suppose!


  1. My multi-cloured cough was nothing to do with booze and everything to do with this post.

  2. OR this has been going on since WW2 when we neglected the poor souls who suffered physical or mental damage. Once they were out of the services they were completely on their own.

    The numbers reduced slightly over the years but they will increase with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans having problems with life as a civilian.

    As to the 'cleansing' I'm not going to comment yet. I need more information.

  3. Disgusting behaviour from disgusting Labour, OR.

  4. Subrosa is right. Let's not forget that service personnel who were obviously wounded were excluded from the Falklands victory parade. They are left to manage on their own, with their phyiscal dameh and psychological scars, having seen things and experienced things which few of us could imagine, sacrifices they made in order to ensure that few of us have to do the same.

    I too fear that the incoming regime may not make much difference. I suspect that they have their sights set only on having their turn. Cameron may be fighting the last war, trying to be another Blair, taking the attitude that the election is theirs to lose and so keeping policy statements, and maybe even policy developments, to a minimum. We need a leader who will radically roll back the state. Will Cameron do that?

  5. Oddrightie

    No! no i wont have it you dont really struggle not to hate Labour you hate so much so easily and so many.

    (needs to be read in the style of the Major in fawlty towers)


    is this you

  6. Great clip, Anonymouse. Of course it's not me, far too young, intelligent, stylish and full of common sense. Nope, I'm Oldrightie and no other.
    As for your pathetic smears, just check up on your facts. Pathetic little creature.
    Now my intention with this post was not made wholly clear. I am trying to ask if, because something has been prevalent in the past, do we just carry on as before? I thought we were supposed to improve with knowledge gained from past mistakes? Well everybody but Labour rubbish.

  7. Good point well taken OR. But our ex-service people will continue to be treated shabbily unless and until a party pushes their cause, or the public en masse push the parties, much more vigorously than has happened so far. You'd think it would be a vote-winner. It would win my vote.

  8. Cash strapped MOD ? I don't think so. They're wallowing in cash.
    One example ( of many ). Leuchars airshow on Saturday. The Air Marshal arrives by private jet and declares the airshow open. Gets in his brand new Bentley ( with another brand new Bentley full of flunkeys following ) Drives 100 yards to a hangar. He wanders around for an hour in the hangar while the Bentleys sit with engines running pumping their fumes into the hangar.
    Gets back in Bentley. Watches show and then private jet back home. God knows what that all cost.
    Good show though : )

  9. Governments and despots always find loadsamoney for themselves. Ask Mandymince!