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Friday, 18 September 2009

How Labour Do Business?

Lord Fondlebum's Preferred Office Accommodation!

Lockerbie bomber's release linked to trade, says Gaddafi's son.

Downloads not discussed on yacht, says Lord of Everything.

Oleg and I never discuss business, says Lord Longnosegettinglonger.

I cannot bear to see poverty in Britain whilst I am able to do something about it!

Vote Labour, keep the Toffs from getting our yacht invitations, says Lord Fondleboys of Foy.

Go on, tell me your own favourite Mandy predeliction!


  1. Whatever we think of him as a politician I'm sure that, in private, he's a warm host and a natural entertainer:

  2. and here is Oddrightie


  4. Cracking smile but I've a little further to go!

  5. Did anyone else see Mandelson congratulating that dance troupe Diversity outside No. 10 after they finished dancing? He appeared to be rather friendly with the youngest dancer. His whole approach sent a shiver down my spine. Does anyone know if Mandelson has been registered with the Independent Safeguarding Authority? From what I witnessed on the TV coverage he really shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children, and that isn't anything to do with his homosexuality, more the fact that it was genuinely disturbing.

  6. So brazen now as not even trying to hide his behaviour by going to Brazil?

  7. When I watched it I thought "surely he can't be acting like that, and in full view of the press?"

    I've known many, many LGB people over the years, and not one of them has behaved around children like Mandelson did in that clip.