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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Has Ireland Been Nuked?

Only Asking Because...........

The last time they voted in the practice, rehearsal referendum it was all over the MSM. The BBC sang from the hymn sheet, "They will so righteously vote yes for Jimmy's dream". The spin and propaganda was enormous. This time it's shhhhhhhhhhh......., whilst the yes vote is quietly massaged behind the scenes and INTEL's self-interested (get the fine reduced) and O'Leary's (swallow up Aer Lingus) donations for favours are made to look altruistic decency.

For goodness sake DC, say we will leave if ratification is steamrollered in, before we get a vote. We could even have our light bulbs back. Mind you we won't have the power to use them but the lampshades will fit better!

Below is what Labour do best, keep us in the dark. Not shown is the mushroom fertiliser. Much of that appeared under banana man's name in a red rag paper today!

Vote Labour for an EU Federal State and the death of what's left of a very tatty and battered United Kingdom!

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