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Thursday, 3 September 2009

A General Observation.

Labours' Britain.

As the second war Labour got us into, begins to follow the course many people have predicted for some months Jimmy is to speak this Friday about how wonderful a wartime leader he is. In the distance he might just make out the feint, mournful bugle that now plays virtually every day.

Meanwhile Labour plotters again begin to hope that the disaster awaiting them can be minimised if the great Leader is toppled. Notwithstanding they put him there and are all guilty of putting Party before Nation. The Labour way, doctrine and arrogance.

However, many leagues distant from their cosy world of exotic holidays, champagne hob nobbing and traitorship of the electorate, the sink estates' violent psychopath ridden world continues to flourish. They become evermore overcrowded. Gang culture driven misogyny and violence is copied by children in the vilest way. Baltimore looks like Utopia by comparison.

Still Labours' target schemes continue to be the manipulative arm of The Propaganda Bureau, headed by The BBC, as education shows a veneer of excellence covering a pit of failure and illiteracy.

Our status as a Nation is being sold to the richest bidder whilst our economy carries on crashing. Unemployment heads to a real figure of eight million but our borders remain wide open to traffickers, gangsters, pillagers and a never ending stream of economic migration that tramples over genuine, needy souls.

Well, I could go on. Another how many months of this? Please destroy this lot come an election. Nothing but nothing could be worse, could it?


  1. Migrant now as well as jew and Gays trade unions.
    your behind the time even the BNP are letting non whites join now.

    Gang culture what do you know about it i'll show you round my estate then you will find out what is is like in the real world

  2. a pit of failure and illiteracy

    How eloquent and how true. Then of course we have every child wandering round the country clutching a university degree thinking they deserve excessive salaries.

    I won't go on, you paint the picture far better.

  3. One of the main problems has been touched on by Anonymous above. Everyone thinks they live in the 'real world'. That includes the champagne socialists, who presumable tell themselves that the stuff that goes on in places like Anon's estate is a temporary inconvenience that will somehow come all right when the policies eventually start to kick in.

    Well, in my 'real world', they are all a shower of bastards whose greed has blinded them to the fact plain to see for everyone else. The only outcome we'll see from this lot is a journey to hell. Then, Anon, we'll all be able to invite you to come and see what it is like in the 'real world'.

  4. I'm with you, Edgar, and that Weirdlefty is a tedious twat!

  5. Sadly the Tories are just as bad.

    Defence - made thousands of troops redundant with very poor resettlement courses. Wasted billions on the Nimrod MK3. Privatised military aircraft repairs resulting in disastrous consequences ( drilling through the fuselage of tornados etc )

    Economy - Chancellor wasting billions trying to keep us out of the ERM. 15% mortgage rates.

    Manufacturing - decimated

    Coal mines - decimated

    EU - signed away our rights at Maastricht

    Terrorism - freed murderers of Yvonne Fletcher. Blocked Parkinsons attempt to hold a promised inquiry into Lockerbie. Helped free Pinochet. Maggie enjoyed tea with the murderer.

  6. Great history lesson, SNP. Now how long have Labour been in office. You are comparing 18 years with 13, ergo, Labour have done more harm in less time! As for the economy, please tell me how bad it was in 1997 compared with now? Anonymouse, your estate has obviously been much enhanced by Labour's input, hasn't it?

  7. Labour have just carried on with the policies of the Tories. And the Tories will just pick up the baton from Labour. Same same.
    The Tories started the sell off of our essential utilities ( gas etc) to foreigners. They failed to provide a sensible energy policy for the future. They closed down the mines. They helped with the expansion of the EU and will continue to do so. They will continue with the disaster in Afghanistan. They will try and stop Independence for Scotland. They will continue to force nuclear weapons and nuclear dumps on Scotland.
    They will sell arms to despotic regimes. They will do nothing to stem the tide of mass immigration or stop the PC nonsense.
    Basically it will be musical chairs and when the music stops it will be different players but the same disastrous policies. Then after 13 or 18 years the music will start, the players will move around and away we go again. Blogs will get more vociferous and full of bile against the government and the whole pointless exercise will be repeated.

  8. As Gorgeous George Galloway said..

    " Cameron and Broon. Twa cheeks aff the same erse "

  9. So we just give up and do what? The Union breaks up and Scotland vote to remain independent from The EUSSR? If Ireland were to vote no or Lisbon not be ratified we get a say with The Tories but not with Labour. I suspect that, during an Election campaign, The UKIP stance will not be that dissimilar from The Conservative manifesto. I live in hope!
    They are all the same argument is a strong but despairing one. The USSR was broken up eventually, so will a n EU version. Only the when and how, remain the mystery. Probably some kind of violent resolution. Now that always is the case.

  10. OR, SNP is quite right you know. The tories are only interested in England, there's no doubt about that. Maggie (much as I respected her and her abilities) started the ball really rolling here so don't be amazed at the feelings from us who recognise labour is now the same.

    Sadly you're independent England parties just haven't come to the fore and they need to.

    I promise you'll be more than welcome here (where English is spoken!) anytime regardless of political divide. Actually I think the tories, with policies for Scotland and not having to bow to London, may do rather well in certain areas.

    Labour will take many years to recover here if ever.

    Love the saying SNP - twa cheeks aff the same erse. That's George showing his Dundee roots with eloquence. :)

  11. Subrosa, I make a Walter Raleigh gesture with my cloak in honour of your genteelity!

  12. OR
    I wouldn't hold out much hope for a referendum on the EU from the Tories. They're just posturing for votes. It's all bread and circuses to keep the people happy.
    The Tories are fully behind the EU and UKIP are a useful tool to make people think that there's an alternative. Ditto the BNP.
    The only options are to downsize your property if you have equity in it. Buy a flat and rent it out and move abroad somewhere. Don't forget to keep your NI contributions up to date.
    If you're in a poorly paid job earning slightly more than being on the dole then stop working and do nothing. There's no point working to keep your 'self respect' because no one respects that in the UK now and the stress will put you into an early grave. Live on the dole and get everything paid for you. Heck have more kids that you thought you couldn't afford when you were working.

    SR - I can't help liking Galloway despite not agreeing with most of what he says !