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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

general Election Date?

Thursday 22nd Of October?

Oldrightie having a little bit of fun.

However, Jim has single handedly rescued a hostage, we are back to a terrific economy(?), with the FTSE heading back to dizzy heights and everything pretty rosy. Parliament is long forgotten, Ireland are about to become a new Federal State of Europe. What is there not to consider, by announcing this on the 5th of October. The start of The Conservative Conference!


  1. Much as I admire your work, in making these cheap points, you denigrate yourself. The rescue of Farrell was an operation with huge political implications - not least because it involved a British civilian and because it was being carried out in the German area of operations.

    Thus, it would have required political approval from the chairman of COBRA, who happens to be the prime minister. Not Gordon Brown as a person, who just happens to be prime minister, but the office holder.

    The prime minister would have been advised by the military chiefs and would have carried out his scripted role, base on the advice given. The prime minister, therefore, acted properly and in accordance with procedure, and allowed a (partially) successful raid to go ahead.

    If it had failed, the prime minister, as titular head of the government, would have taken responsibility. As it was partially successful, the prime minister takes the credit for giving the go ahead.

    Give yourself a break, and recognise that part of the system still works - and be proud of it.

  2. you have been telt Oddrightie

    snigger! snigger!

  3. The very telling error in Richard's comment is:

    "If it had failed, the prime minister, ..., would have taken responsibility."

    In whose experience does that sound like Gordon Brown? Not mine. He seems to me congenitally incapable of taking responsibility.

    Thus, Richard, 'in making these invalid points, you make a fool of yourself.'

    As for Anonymous, sniggering is what you do very well, Anon. Probably, it is the only thing you do very well.

  4. Richard, I was not attempting to make "cheap" points but have a post that was meant to be less serious than normal. Furthermore I was horrified to learn that a Special Forces member died in effecting this rescue. Not known to me when producing this post.
    I thank you for your kind comments and assure you that the spirit of the post was not as, unfortunately read, meant to cause offence of any kind. I am guilty of clumsiness in this instance.
    Edgar you are a good friend.

  5. Like I always say, OR, Lefties have no sense of humour - the proof is in the first two comments.

  6. BTW, Wierdleftie is still a sneering , irritating cunt! I'm just going to ignore the twat from now on - that's what pisses Labour trolls off the most!