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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Big Thank You!

What's To Be Done?

Firstly I must thank my good friend "Newrightie" for his excellent work and posts during my week away. Also I wish to thank you all for comments and input which 99% of the time is of value.Now it's back to business. The sparsely attended Labour Conference, tepid on the heels of the limp LibDums is picked up by Old Holborn today. He bemoans the lack of interest in the dreadful state Labour have plunged us all into. Well, I say this. Whatever the feeling about "they're all the same", "nothing can be done" and so forth, I profoundly disagree. There is a chance The Electorate will turn out in droves come The General Election. So hacked off with the body politic they may well say that the first task is to annihilate Labour in such a way as to be a warning to any new Government "you might be next". So, let's bring this useless rump of a Party and it's bunch of useless lefties to extinction first, then we can start on the rest of any remaining corrupt and pathetic representatives who have so disgraced their office as to make eating pork almost cannibalism!


  1. obviously you have not seen the latest opinion polls.

    pretty dire for the conservatives

  2. A few years ago when I was voting, Labour had bussed in a large number of Bangladeshi women to the polling station. I doubt if any of them could speak, let alone read, english - so to help them a Labour activist held up a ballot paper showing them where to put their 'X'. Of course nowadays Labour just fill in their postal votes for them.

  3. Anonymouse 1

    An Ipsos-Mori poll taken before the start of the Labour party conference puts the Lib Dems in second place, one point above Labour.

    Today Con 40 (+1)
    Labour 29
    LibDum 18 (-2)

    Works for me Twattypants!

  4. still out of power though

    These numbers, according to UK Polling Report, compute into the Conservatives being 8 seats short of an overall majority in the Commons

  5. The rise of the lib dems= no conservative Government Hurrah!Hurrah!Hurrah!

  6. The rise of the lib dems= no conservative Government Hurrah!Hurrah!Hurrah!

  7. You've clearly managed to put the wind up these seriously disturbed Anonymice, OR, unless it's just the one usual Anonymouse Weirdlefty twat displaying his multiple personality disorder. Maybe he's been popping Gordoom's pills as he is obviously closely enough involved with Labour to get his hands on them, the troll!
    Whatever way you look at it, OR, there is blind panic over at Labour HQ, especially after that total dud of a conference - if that was a "fightback" they are out for the count.
    Labour's fate is already sealed but even so, the Tory conference should be fun next week when they really rub it in.

  8. Welcome back. I didn't even notice the difference so NR is very well trained indeed. :)

  9. Thank you Subrosa. I am duty bound to say he is a very bright Cookie!