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Monday, 7 September 2009

Anything Goes?

Are We Any Different from The Terrorists?

Afghanistan 2009.

I recommend you visit the link above this picture and if you accept the argument given, like me, you and my generation will be enlightened to further understanding of the sheer arrogance of power. I have always been uncomfortable with excuses that the ends justify the means, because you and I may well become one of the 'ends'.

I have posted about the immorality of the arms trade, the corruption and slush bribes for The Taliban, the love in with The IRA. All carry the 'means' argument. These arguments are made and decided on our behalf. Our unelected PM is able to pursue HIS agenda and dress it up as "in the best interests of The UK". My frustration is that I cannot believe that all that is going on is in anybody's interest other than the great and patently the not so good.

Today, we learn that secret intelligence would be compromised if a known terrorist is not released. So here we have a conflict in our own country we cannot resolve. How on earth do we think that 212 UK soldiers, many allied troops and countless civilians' deaths and horrific injuries are justified when we cannot lock up people we consider dangerous to our security. It makes a mockery of a Government floundering, even begging for support, whilst putting us at risk on our own doorstep. I watched Flight 93 last night and as my anger at the murderers rose to fever pitch, my admiration for the brave passengers grew beyond coping. I went to sleep depressed at the waste of so many lives for the belief that we can trust and have faith in our leaders. Somehow, along the way, capitalism has taken over governance and this is just sheer madness.

All the benefits of trade and commerce are sunk beneath the crooked and downright evil, that suddenly a glimmer of sympathy appears for the mis-guided acts of terrorism taking place in our world. We are becoming as bad as they. Change needed, indeed.


  1. oddrightie if you belive a change of government with any of the one present politcal parties.
    will alter one jot the way we live you are mistaken.

    but get rid of captalism.

  2. The atomic bomb was destined to be used from its very first glimmer in the mind of man.

    If not on Japan then somewhere else another nation another peoples by the americans or the russians.

    Until the use of the bomb revealed what untold destruction and death it could cause.
    Many (most national leaders) would never have believed it possible.

    since the second world war no nulear weapons have ever been used in a war that in itself is
    reason enough to accept the use of the bomb to reveal to the world what a nuclear world war would mean.

    only the dead have seen the end of war with a nuclear war we would all be dead

  3. Ends and means. I am not arguing necessarily with what happened but the failure of leaders to trust us with the truth. That is done to justify their sense of power.
    As for capitalism, it is political dogma and control, not trade and enterprise that is the problem.

  4. "The atomic bomb was destined to be used from its very first glimmer in the mind of man."

    Sadly, I have to accept and agree with this argument. Of course we also have to consider that human nature is a pretty awful thing and it's evil overrides it's capacity for good. This still does not negate the value of morality and the, even futile, prayer for hope. I still wonder if change is possible and hope that it might be. Obama is different, isn't he?

  5. I agree that the bomb would have been used on cities, somewhere, sooner or later. The linked article makes the point that it was used on Japan not least a a show of power and will to the USSR in general and Stalin in particular. Does that mean it was the wrong thing to do?

    With regard to FDR's demand for unconditional surrender from Germany, that probably did prolong the war in Europe. It probably palyed into the hands of the Nazis, bringing them support of Germans who were patriots but not Nazis. But what was the alternative? To encourage a coup against Hitler? That might have worked before WWII but once it was underway Hitler had to be allowed to lead all the way back from Rastenburg to his rathole behind the Voss Strasse. He was the best general the Allies had but he also had to be seen to fail to the end.

    Von Stauffenberg and his colleages were brave people but thank God their plot failed. If it had succeeded we would see faith in Hitler at a much higher level than we say it today, and it is high enough in some quarters as it is. The belief would be widespread that he would have found a way to win - wonder weapons - the alliance with the USSR would have failed - anything, if only he hadn't been 'stabbed in the back'. We had to hope that he would lead to the end for that reason alone.

  6. Still more admirable leaders than we see today, Jim?

  7. Old style leaders gave the illusion of paternalism when it was about money.

    Thatcher came and tore away the illusion and now it is just about money.

    He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.

    Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

  8. Not sure Maggie was ONLY about the money. I heard a leftie actually praise the right to buy and I also agreed that the money that came in was not used to provide more needed housing. Shucks, everybody makes mistakes.

  9. OR,

    Has our country had a more cowardly, self-absorbed, self-serving, despicable government than the present one in the last 100 years? Maybe somebody else can think of one. I can't. Only Blair's regime comes close, funnily enough. Even Jimmy Wilson stood up to LBJ and refused to become involved militarily in Vietnam.

  10. That´s one of the reasons we need to get our troops out of these illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Every single person that pays taxes is complicit in those wars. In effect, our government have made us into war criminals.

    Babies in Afghanistan and Iraq are being born with deformities every day.

  11. We shouldn't be there. They shouldn't be here.