Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

An alliance to end all alliances

Hopeless and deluded are the words of our gutless orange friends. But is there an unholy alliance brewing? Clegg's outgoing conference speech was one of fantasy and myth, makebelieve and pretend. If anyone's out there networking for the glory of Labour it is of course Lord Fondlepaddles. How much influence the Lib Dems will carry in the next Parliament is anyone's guess, but I suspect that they will resist all attempts of other parties to ally with them.

Brown's had a fall out with Obama. This was going to be a fairly inevitable consequence of concocting together a ludicrous sequence of events to release a terrorist. The manipulation of the regulations, the assembling of Lybian doctors, the brown envelopes stuffed with $$$,$$$,$$$'s.

A former member of The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee says Tory cuts could push unemployment to over 5 million. Then these must be the few million people in pointless civil service jobs who are over burdening the state with their nannying nonsense. Labour quietly reduce manufacturing to nearly nill and introduce a service sector like nowhere else in the world. The MPC have got it wrong, these are not productive jobs that the UK needs, these are the jobs we can afford to lose, the jobs that we cannot possibly keep.

This is a government of meddling clowns in perpetual meltdown. 1997 seems like a lifetime ago.


  1. The priority is getting people to feel the emotional urgency in turning around
    the abomidable things done to the planet. We are faced with threats of all fronts,
    dominating controller aim to annilate the mass majority of people and continue convincing
    authority figures to sacrifice there values and beliefs in the onslaught of killing off the population
    on earth because they twisted feeble minds into believing it will be sustainable, there are holes in the ozone,
    oil addiction that chokes the atmoshere of orgone energy, and blam others for everything, as-not-to change from convoluted habits.
    For survival sake change as much as possible in your life. Whatever you believe will result in satifying others needs.
    The only way out of the mess is to invest our way into the future. People naturally would feel strong emotions when wrong-doings are commited and thats what I expect. You can stand up for what you need to do now, be well and crusade for wellness. Only you know excately what you
    need to do. All that some people are feeling right now is excrucating pain and they are connected to us and if they die in vain becaue we pass up real life adventuresfor being entairtained til we are old and have nothing left then that will be the finalily. Isiah said blow your trumpet
    loudly. The challenges we face today mean we live or die depends changing and who turns the situation around. Restoring order requires agressively joining the challenge of organizing an alliance to end all alliances. I pray you all have the
    resiliance, tenacity, fortitude, vigiliance, bravery, courage, and will to do what you must in bringing truth and reconcilliation
    to all the nations of earth and peace will be there. To God be the glory, the power, and strength forever, Amen.