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Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I Hope This Is Not Too Begrudging!

Aintworthalot attended a soldiers funeral today. My congratulations to him and respect for doing so. I still find him an unattractive man with little to commend him but credit where credit is due.
I shall be very happy when our troops return home and these scenes, hopefully will become a distant memory.


Ted Foan said...

"I hope this is not TOO begrudging", shurely?

Good for Corporal Ainsworth, though. Sadly, we will likely see more of these scenes before it is finished. Do you think Brown (or that odious Blair) will ever show their faces?

Anonymous said...

I don't know, OR: maybe I'm just a dyed-in-the-wool cynic, but I can't help wondering whether the constant criticism that no-one from Government attends soldiers' funerals is the main reason that Ainsworth put in an appearance.

Knowing what we do know about the workings of the MoD, Ainsworth could only get my respect by resigning. He must realise that what is going on is unjustifiable: if he had any honour, he wouldn't stay in the job.

subrosa said...

Did he really OR? I do hope he had all the family's permission to appear.

Edgar's right, if he had any sense of decency or honour he would resign. He knows he's incompetent.

Barking Spider said...

I'm afraid I'm a total cynic. too, OR. I don't think he was there out of any sense of duty or that he even wanted to attend - he's only there because of his bad publicity.

Oldrightie said...

I did pose a question! I am afraid I was being as I headed. Cynicism rules, OK?
Ted, thanks for the grammatical mistake tip off and he was not a corporal. In fact is he not The Generals' Boss?

Goodnight Vienna said...

This is the funeral of the son of the chap who used to work with Ainsworth and who complained to the press that he hadn't even received a message of condolence from him. Ainsworth's obviously trying to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

Ted Foan

Bone idle Public sector scrounger for all his working life. who wouldnt recognise private industry if it bit him on his arse

Oldrightie said...

GV, so back to what it always is, a PR exercise. Oh dear!

Anon as a mate, nice change!

Ted Foan said...

OR - could you ask my old friend who commented:

"Ted Foan

Bone idle Public sector scrounger for all his working life. who wouldnt recognise private industry if it bit him on his arse."

to identify him or herself?

I think I know who it is! The old fart!

Gendeau said...

Sarko was on french tv attending the funerals of french army dead #30 and #31 last week (my french isn't too good on the details, but he was there).

So, for all his stupidities, he's still more of a man than brownstain.