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Friday, 4 September 2009

Are You Helping To Publicise?

Are The Irish Smelling The Coffee?

I told you they don't like publicity. The more The Irish see they are being sold a very small, new born, canine the more likely they are to say "No thanks, too expensive"!


  1. Great link. Could this be a bloggers' victory?

  2. Did you see the comment from Stephen Sillane on my post OR? He's so sure it'll be a YES and outlines some of the promises they've had.

  3. They must be getting worried, even the Beeb are getting in on the act.

  4. At the moment, the Yes camp definitely has the advantage. It seems like Stephen (whose comment Subrosa referred to) has bought 'guarantees'. So far as I'm aware, OR, the only 'guarantee' you'll find in politics is the guarantee that the bastards will lie, cheat, steal, and deceive.

    Guarantees! I'm sorry but, Ha ha ha ha ha .... [never-ending laughter].

  5. Oh how you lot fantasize the vote will be a yes one and all your dreams will turn to dross once again.

    And Tony Blair will be your president for all time

    Great day in the morning

  6. Hiya! Anonymouse, of course your wealthy and all powerful champagne quaffers will rule forever and you will be the one wiping their bums and filling their glasses. However everyone is mortal and under the Utopia of slavery you so desire, I shall one day depart such a world with a grin that I am leaving the sh*t of their making.
    Subrosa, yes, I did see your blog (as always). The publicity might just bring about an upset, though, if people become aware that these "bribes" cannot be paid without a change in The Constitreaty!
    Edgar,great comments but then they always are!