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Friday, 18 September 2009


What Would Happen To The UK

If A Madman Took Over?

Well, boys and girls, now we know!

The Treasury forecast is for a 2009-10 deficit of £175 BILLION. Over the coming 12 months we shall borrow well in excess of that. Why? Just check how rapidly a credit card bill can go up even without spending more on it as the interest soars. On this August bill alone you are looking at an astronomical interest payment. I've said it many times, we approach a point at which the entire civil service cannot be paid. Labour are well on course to spend more on interest than any other requirement. Those ten years of growth are coming back to bite!


  1. ... and they've taken on more civil servants while private industries are making redundancies..

    Where does he think all the money comes from? God?

  2. No, Sue, because he thinks he's God!

  3. Instinct tells me that there is a real nasty out there waiting to hit, but I cannot work out yet just what it could be. Might it be a large public sector pension deficit, either funder or unfunded?

  4. Labour's spending has been so utterly unsustainable. The trouble is, they employ half the electorate and there's going to be a lot of unhappy local council employees when they lose their £48k p.a. pen pusher positions! They are too stupid to realise that we cannot afford to pay them like this.

  5. For an appropriate, but irreverent, pop song that describes Labour's spending record, listen to "What a Waster" by the Libertines. They're really singing about Labour spending, although they wouldn't admit to this.

  6. I've been waiting for it to all go pop since a while, and it appears, sadly, that it isn't far away. I predict an emergency budget before too long. You're right OR, it won't be long before the CS won't be able to be paid. My local authority has just announced that it faces a deficit of £33m over the next five years (and a deficit of £6m in the current financial year), and is going to have to slash spending accordingly. They've already turned off two-thirds of our streetlights, without any corresponding decrease in Council Tax, of course! To put this into perspective, the base budget for the current financial year is some £227m. In Ipswich they're also having to make 33% savings over the next 10 years.