Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Your Government.

British Public's 'defeatist' attitude is letting down troops in Afghanistan, says Defence Secretary.

The British Public letting down our troops.You can just see Ainsworth, can't you, quietly in the background?

Does it Matter?

DOES it matter?—losing your legs?...

For people will always be kind,

And you need not show that you mind

When the others come in after lying

To gobble their Corfu and eggs.

Does it matter?—losing your sight?...

There’s such splendid work for the blind;

And people will always be kind,

As you sit on the terrace remembering

And turning your face to the light.

Do they matter?—those dreams from the pit?...

You can drink and forget and be glad,

And people won’t say that you’re mad;

For they’ll know you’ve fought for your country

And no one in Labour will bother a bit.

Adapted from Siegfried Sassoon.

"Does it matter that Labour are rich, that Mandy and Kinnochio rule?

Do we care we are ruled by despots,

And expenses are their to abuse?

does it matter who rules all over us

Who were not of a silver spoon?

It matters if they are fuckwits

Who see subjugation a goal

It matters if soldiers are dying

And left to rot in a hole.

I hope and pray that our troops will return home soon and our losses will be stopped. I do not hold my breath but if I can be substituted to save a youngsters death, I will sign tomorrow. An army of Oldrighties, better dead if they can save a generation.


  1. It's a good old Stalinist trick. If your policies are criminal or merely incompetent, if you underequip your troops, blame the inevitable results on 'wreckers' and 'saboteurs'. Blair was good at that - Brown's lot are just continuing the tradition.

  2. Spot on, Jim. The New Statesmen is worth getting today.

  3. Aye Jim, they've now had over 12 years practice to make a bigger mess of the MoD than the tories. Haven't they done well?

    Can't I get the NS online OR?

  4. Subrosa, I'l check. I've just perused my copy and it's dynamite. Mind you there appears a bit of Oldrightie plagiarism!

  5. Not defeatist. Just convinced there is no bleedin' pointist. Pity they can't see the difference.

    If there was a wider confrontation with the idiocy of fundamentalist Islam, concentrating on where the threat is actually coming from, i.e. on our own doorstep, that might get more support.

  6. It's YOUR fault, OR. It's MY fault, too. My 15-year-old nephew? It's HIS fault too. It's the fault of every single individual in this country who doesn't happily open his mouth when the Government pisses in his face.

    Utterly, utterly shameless, psychopathic, egregious, festering semi-coagulated streak of dogsnot. Uggh!