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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Why Are They Leaving?

Whose Firms Are Paying The Taliban?

Now here is yet another Scot and Labour Defense ex-Minister, leaving after this Parliament to pursue other interests. As with Reid, he is heavily involved with a top 100 contractor for The USA in Afghanistan, namely EDS. Now this list is in the public domain and I am fascinated to easily have located this pair.

"Adam Ingram Mp for East Kilbride has got a few nice little earners. This so-called socialist has a list, OK, of paid EMPLOYMENT OUTSIDE PARLIAMENT totalling £170,000 per annum. The most corrupt of these is a company called EDS. When INGRAM was MINISTER OF STATE FOR THE ARMED FORCES, his department awarded EDS A FOUR BILLION POUND CONTRACT. Shortly after being sacked from his role by GORDON BROWN, he took up employment with EDS which pays him £55,000 per year."

Now do not lose sight of the fact that most, if not all, of these companies have to deal with protection (security) and we are aware that this probably includes payments to The Taliban for safe passage. So the expenses and iffy contacts and earnings are quite possibly part of the scandal of Soldiers dying from munitions purchased for "Theatre", as Wiggy loves to say, by Companies paying retainers to British MPs. I wonder if Wiggy's been signed up yet?
So, forget the dodgy deals between UK Ministers and private firms, concentrate on the link to The Taliban and Afghan killing fields. Just 98 of the top earning contractors to look at. I wonder if I shall find something even more direct that these two trougher twins?


  1. I should imagine that there is a lifeboat with their names on it, thieving traitors.

  2. Ingram's well known up here for his double-dealing.

    It's hard trying to find what boards etc MPs are on. Most of the defense businesses don't mention any names.

  3. Dust off the Treason Act, I feel there's need of a few hangings! Bet they wouldn't do it again!!

  4. You've got your teeth firmly into this one OR - don't let go.

  5. Good stuff OR. How they like to tell us that British politics, unlike some countries they could mention, is so free of corruption and we should be grateful.

  6. Oddrightie are you for Private individual enterprise or not playing the envy Card is not very Conservative is it?

    your beginning to sound like some kind of Communist

  7. Anonymouse, it's known as progressive Conservatism. Fairness for all, no special privileges through corruption; in fact Fundemental Democracy. Very "non-socialist dictatorship by dogma."
    Since when has power and wealth through war and corruption been a worthwhile ideal? By your logic the death of British troops and Afghan peoples is OK if it fuels the few people pulling the metaphorical trigger.
    Now whose managing Mandleson's blind trust? Rothchilds?

  8. Subrosa, even harder to find out who manages Fondlebum's and Jimmy's blind trusts. Still needs chasing up. I am sorry to say, I expect to see some big names on The Tory side and if I do they will get a broadside too. However, at the moment they are not recipients of Government contracts to supply our enemies.