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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Who Has Influenced This Stance?

No Compassionate Release Here,Is There?

I'm proud to be a Unionist. I am also disgusted with the deals just done between The Scottish Executive and Gordon, aka Jimmy Snot, Brown. If anyone believes that a deal was not brokered between The SNP and Labour on this grubby business, then go back to kindergarten. Tell you what, money was involved.
"Liam Fox demands exit strategy for Afghanistan pull-out. Conservatives call for policy of stabilising country and pulling out British troops from conflict."
Sooner rather than later, please before more Scottish like treason comes about. Better still, before more young people are sacrificed to finance Rothchilds' world order.


  1. Hold on there now OR. Where is the evidence that there was a deal done between the Scottish and British governments?

    Scottish treason? Scottish law was adhered to in the case of Megrahi.

    I have little time for the thoughts that an SNP government would ever have a deal with Westminster labour.

    In fact, all this happened because Tony Blair signed a Prisoner Tranfer Agreement with Libya and refused the Scottish Government's demand that Megrahi's name was omitted.

  2. Scottish citizens in their own homes were obliterated along with the entire flight that night in Lockerbie. Scottish families along with those in the US and other countries are still awaiting a full investigation due to their dead. This is what should be our proper focus except too many covert and vested interests would be compromised. It is alleged that the very same Mr Mueller, protesting too much in his rant, was instrumental in diverting attention from Iran and Syria as he pursued and prosecuted the Libyans.

    As Mr MacAskill had no option, despite his exploration of all other possibilities, but to release Al-Megrahi according to the legal stipulation of Scots Law in answer to Al-Megrahi's case application and the devolved remit of the Scottish Parliament - it was in fact Mr Brown who found himself at the sharp end of Mr MacAskill's requiste decision and not, as some think, the other way round. To imagine the current SNP Scottish Government bending to the pleasure of Westminster Labour is unimaginable - unlike the previous Scottish Labour Government vassals.

  3. The last I read in the way of speculation about this is that it is part of a Blair-Gadaffi trade deal, with Mandelson oiling some of the wheels.

    Business as usual, though don't tell Gordon, eh?

  4. Sounds about right to me, Edgar, and Brown got involved at the G8, with Mandelbum finalising the arrangements with Saif Gaddafi in Corfu. Saif says this was arranged between them and I believe him before I would ever believe Blair, Brown or Mandelson! The SNP are the scapegoats in this.

  5. Legally, it's the Scottish Executive. Calling it 'government' is falling in with the SNP's re-branding exercise.

    Apart from that, spot on OR. A clique of monied and powerful old pals get together and stitch things up between them.

  6. "A clique of monied and powerful old pals get together and stitch things up between them."

    GV, will the power of the internet survive long enough to pick off some of this clique?

  7. Hi, Subrosa, I suspect from UK Government known exchanges with The Ghaddafis they saw a win win position. Megrahi gets released, deals are signed and The Scottish SNP Executive take a lot of flak. As for Jimmy and Mandy not directly or indirectly conversing with Mr MacAskill or his Office, surely they did? I hope The SNP do not have any members capable of being seduced by Labour.