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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Thought On "Progressive" Conservatism.

That Young George Is Good!

What is Progressive?
By Andrew Garib, Campus Progress;

This discussion paper is based on American political culture but with regard to The British scene and George Osborne's speech yesterday, it has valuable points. Most pertinently, it carries perceived definitions. "Progressivism is a non-ideological, pragmatic system of thought grounded in solving problems and maintaining strong values within society.” very much the ideology of The Conservative platform as it exists today. Similiarly
"Progressives [understand] that government can be used as a force for good." But progressives don't simply ask "How can government help this situation," but "with the tools we have, both public and private, how can we solve this problem?"
Once more I see little to argue against but that this is very Cameron in its implication. A considered read of "The Big Idea for Britain's Future" by David Cameron, published in 2007, might easily be renamed "Progressive Conservatism". So does this mean Oldrightie is out of step? Are old fashioned Conservative ideals incompatible with this new approach?
Absolutely not. I see the need to adapt to evolving social changes profoundly important where those changes are for the better. I am beginning to feel more able to reconcile my working class roots with a fairer and more pragmatic course for my beliefs and ideology. What I cannot accept is Labours' and the Lefts hypocrisy and self-righteous pompous "know better attitude". All reasonable argument is dismissed, ignored or vilified, for purely confrontational need. A perfect example of this was Mandleson's rather pathetic and personal tirades around the media brothels for most of today. That Socialists regard "progressive" as their own property is, in itself, typical of my arguments against them.
Indeed this Government has been repressive of personal freedom, not progressive; recessive of social mobility not progressive. Like all Labour Governments they readily throw the baby out with the bath water. We as a Nation can only progress with a change of Government. I truly believe that is coming.

Well done if you made it to the end!


  1. Never had you down as a swot, OR. Nicely done.

  2. Just so long as "progessive" doesn't end up being to the conservatives what "new" was to labour.

    Cameron is in danger of going down the road of doing the wishy washy all things to all men Blair routine.

    Blue labour will not change anything.

  3. Hi, NF, I do not remember a book as good as Cameron's ever written by Blair. It is thoughtful and carefully crafted. Not the showy crap Smiley specialised in. Time will tell but let's at least give him a chance?

  4. Phew! Just made it to the end! Bedtime now.

  5. By all mean give them/him a chance, i just have a dread feeling with the way politics is in this country they just won't have the nerve to do what people really want them to, they will do what is easy and gets them the least bad press.

  6. I have to admit to confusion. It's hard for me to be optimistic while, at the same time, being thoroughly convinced that anything - almost-literally anything - must be better than Labour. A large vat of boiled pigs' trotters could run the country better than Brown et al. Not only have they thrown the baby out with the bath-water, they have thrown out the bath, ripped out the plumbing, sold the lead to a pack of pikeys and we'll be left to buy it back, during a recession, with soaring unemployment, fighting a mad war, while being led by people of the calibre of Alan Duncan.

    Jeez, OR, I wish Cameron all the best: he is going to need it. But is anyone up to such a job?

  7. Edgar, I've never liked Duncan and his arrogant fellow travellers, whichever party. With luck, he'll be toast.

  8. It depends on what you mean by "progress", but thats another story.

  9. "Nearly a quarter of the biggest companies on the UK stock market will be unable to pay off their pension deficits, a report says."

    I believe the halting or slowing of our descent into third world status would be progress. Any improvement after that would be a progressive miracle. It is not difficult to highlight DAILY on the left hand side, three Labour failures.

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  11. One of the worst blights that has diseased any attempt to promote a rational debate (progressive or realistic)is the scourge of Political Correctness. It has become a political religion of the quasi (almost rhymes with Stazi!) fascist Labourology and has contaminated those who have a vested interest in 'pretendy socialism'.
    State-control freakery and Labour's utter contempt (ignorance) for history, culture and national best interests as they lie, deceive and steal, has made the future task of Westminster and the devolved governments a nightmare.
    In Scotland we have at least won the "starter for ten" with the election of the SNP. The momentum towards Independence is hardly surprising up here as we benefit from a fresh-start political initiative the potential of progressive thought, action and effect.
    Mr Cameron will have to start the way he means to continue to avoid the charge of hypocrisy. The ingrained anti-intellectualism and corruption, however, of self-serving politics their bureaucratic minions and the global interests of big business will test his nerve more than his intellect.

  12. Clarinda, I believe that his nerve has been well tested in opposition and he passed!

  13. Ermmmmmm, check the timing of the latest post, my little fellow.
    As for the ERM, are you aware that it was fully supported by Labour? As for Toffs, how's Mandy's portfolio of Mayfair properties? Finally, you were off topic. Discuss