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Monday, 3 August 2009

They Were Part of Yours, Prezza!

This Was The Deputy Prime Minister Just A Short While Ago!

"John Prescott, the former Labour deputy leader, today rounded on his successor, Harriet Harman, over her insistence that women must always be part of the party's leadership."

This, presumably is the only part our chubby Piemaster wishes women to be part of The Leadership. Now I'm no fan of Harriet but I rather feel Prezza's attitude to women is similar to Jimmy's and Mandy's, albeit for different reasons! Socialism was never a comfortable place for girls. Still seems it's not. "Window dressing" I believe, is the phrase.
Bunch of misogynous pillocks.


  1. You're rather restrained in your descriptions tonight OR. :) You're perfectly correct though, women are certainly the inferior sex in the labour party. Few have made it through to the dizzy heights.


    And here is George Osborne with his arm around a prostitute.

    What no more tears oddrightie ?for months now you have been crying bucketloads(crocodile ones of course).

    Now David Cameron has committed to sending MORE troops you and you cowardly crew have gone all quiet.

    You dont seem to mind blood stained
    Conservative hands do you.
    what a slimy two faced hypocrite you are.

  3. They're all inferior OR. "The dizzy heights" are incredibly low thoughout the Party. On Labour's terms even Jacqui Smith made it to a top position which shows how low the bar is in labour's thinking.

  4. Anonymouse cretin, I keep responding to your crap and you ignore my replies. Typical, as the fabulous Dave would say, Twat!
    So you suggest in this poorly drafted and isolated comment that Labour have bloodstained hands. I agree wholeheartedly.
    As for young Ossie, he was not abusing his position, funded by my taxes, cheating on his wife or taking advantage of an impressionable employee whilst degrading high office. Response please.

  5. Wasn't Prescott made Deputy PM and all the rest because it was claimed that he was "a safe pair of hands"? Pity nobody has found time to dig around some of the various development activities in the provinces.

  6. I fear the development scams run by Labour would take generations, if ever, to investigate, Demetrius.

  7. Well, when I were a nipper there was Barbara Castle in t'Labour Government, and, err, um…

  8. Goodnight Vienna said 'even Jacqui Smith made it to a top position'. I have never understood why JS is hated more than any other Home Secretary or MP involved in the expenses row - Oh yes - I know - its because she's a WOMAN. Righties are just as bad as Labour for that perception.

  9. Not this Oldrightie. I adore women and find them quite the best company, as a rule. Your attitude, my littley speaks volumes!

  10. What is your littley?!! I think I can guess.