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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

They Got Away With It?

Don't They Always?

"The SFO said that it could not comment about the reasons for its decision because the inspectors' report had not been made public."

Translation, "We know this report, costing £16 million, is embarrassing for The Government. So we have to wait for many, many weeks before it can be forgotten, doctored or lost. In fact we may shred it or bin it."
There will be all sorts of cover ups to avoid letting the public know that this buying of car workers votes was a deliberate ploy to get through an election. I do wonder if, with so many scandals hidden, maybe one will eventually "do" for the mendacious and dreadful crooks who have abused their power and their Country for so long.


  1. Oddrightie

    hardy ha! ha !ha!
    dont worry if The conservatives get back in they will do just the same

  2. Bollocks you socialist queynte! Your lot bring the country to the brink of collapse like nobody else. Say, do you write a Labour blog somewhere, or are you illiterate?

  3. Anonymouse: Even by your usual standards the post above is meaningless. 'Hardy': do you mean Hardy, the mathematician, 'Hardy', the fictitious Wells Fargo agent, or 'Hardy' the erection that Gordon Brown gets every time he contemplates shafting the country just a little bit more before he is finally consigned to the dustbin of history?

  4. Hairspray Script

    You may think owning the Hardy Har joke shop...

    is all drudgery--

    unwrapping dribble glasses, checking doggie doo inventory--

    but l wuv it.


    your just dust in the wing mirror

  5. So you're a male student Anonymouse. University?

  6. Sixteen million????!!!!!
    I need one of them jobs!!

  7. Is Anonymouse on something? If so, not for me thank you!

  8. Anonymouse, it is not:

    "your just dust in the wing mirror",

    the correct English is:

    "you're just dust in the wing mirror."

    This error puts you in the 'educated by Labour' pigeonhole. You've never known the days when teachers actually taught pupils stuff like Grammar, Spelling, and The Humiliating Consequences That Are Likely To Befall You If You Attempt To Discuss Important Things When You Are Woefully Ignorant.

  9. Edgar, I am curious as to his pedigree (or lack of). Good sport though and fox hunting could be back soon!

  10. Maybe it was Anonymous's grandad who wrote all those good poems?

  11. You notice how these Anonymous trolls always manage to shift the thread away from a post they would rather not discuss, OR?

    He's probably so "NuLiebore thick" that he doesn't realise what a good job you, Edgar and Phil made of verbally tearing him to shreds!