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Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Dinner Party Must Wait.

"The military mission in Afghanistan has failed to deliver what it promised - as troops are being given too many tasks, a report from MPs says.
The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee says "mission creep" had brought too many responsibilities, including fighting the drugs trade."

Yet Old Rightie is called a coward. You, anonymouse, is the one to hang your head in shame. How many dead, how many maimed for your socialist ideals? God forgive me, I really despise you.
Oldrightie is really weeping.


  1. So are a lot of people.

  2. We were humiliated at Suez for following an invasion behind veiled greed, Afghanistan is no different. We have no business there, other than political ends.

  3. I am confident that we shall succeed in defeating and largely destroying this most tremendous onslaught by which we are now threatened, and anyhow, whatever happens, we will all go down fighting to the end
    -Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer

    Deuteronomy 20

    (8) And the officers shall speak further unto the people, and they shall say, What man is there that is fearful and fainthearted? let him go and return unto his house, lest his brethren's heart faint as well as his heart.

  4. What drivel is that Anonymous?

    Funnily enough Steve, someone made the same analogy the other day.

  5. Oldrightie is really weeping

    As are we all, OR, who realise how our brave forces are betrayed again and again by this government who can find millions for their lying 'inquiries' and 'consultations' to say nothing of how easy they seems for it to find it to find billions when it suits them. Yet our forces are starved of life-preserving equipment, lives and limbs are lost, families' hopes shattered, and not because of combat, but because of money.

  6. how easy they seems for it to find

    You know what I mean. My typing always gets much worse when I get really mad.

  7. Anonymouse seems to confuse three types of wars. Only the first one of these is acceptable in a modern world:

    i) Wars to stop your own country being invaded by a foreign one.

    ii) Wars to take territory or resources besides your own.

    iii) Wars initiated by politicians in the UK, to keep politicians elsewhere in the world happy.

    The Afghan/Iraqi war fits well and truly into the 3rd category. Utterly pointless. The only war where patriotism, courage and honour come into it, is the 1st category.

    The key to whether a war is an honourable one is to consider the purpose. Valour, honour and courage have nothing to do with the political carnival that's taking place at the moment. There's nothing cowardly about distaste for phoney war.

    The real war is happening on our own soil. We've let in millions who do not share our British customs and value of freedom/tolerance. In 1940 they tried to come with tanks, but in 2009, they come with documents, visas, asylum papers and passports.

  8. Very well put by friends. Better than I am able to express and very welcome.
    With regard to war on our own soil we had the most unbelievable news yesterday that 5 suspected Al Quaeda operatives were sacked from MI5! Sacked, what the f*** happened in the first place and where are they now?

  9. Cheers OR,

    As for anonymarse, no doubt a grotesque teenager, in mind if not in age, posting in his underpants, prematurely, i.e. before he has time to reach for the kleenex.

  10. "but in 2009, they come with documents, visas, asylum papers and passports."

    Actually many of them have none of those, AND they are burning off their fingerprints as well....

    As for the 5 suspected Al Quaeda operatives sacked from MI5, how many of you remember Monty Pythons "Why do you want to join the Secret Service?" sketch?

  11. Would I be rash in thinking that the solitary vote indicating agreement that the Afghan 'war' is affordable comes from the fruit-loop that is Anonymous?
    For Anonymous to imply that Churchill would support this type of 'war' (see Steve!) and implore us to "go down fighting to the end" indicates a woeful absence of reason. As for Deuteronomy - I think military strategy has moved on a tad and I suspect the Taliban have cottoned on to this as well?
    Perhaps Anonymous should ponder this "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt" Abraham Lincoln.

    Bill Rammell was filling in for the towering military intellect that is Bob and complained that the report's critique of Labour and the MoD was "behind the times" as Labour have been reactive to all before them. Isn't that the problem?

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    What Oldrighties Squad of cowards love to see

  14. You're a capricious queynte aren't you. Go and finish your politics A-Level.

  15. Phil your calling card

  16. Oldrightie your calling card

  17. Phil said...
    Anonymouse seems to confuse three types of wars. Only the first one of these is acceptable in a modern world:


    The Falklands are sovereign territory. An invasion was repulsed and the enemy defeated. We did not then invade Argentina. Why a picture of soon to free PoWs is relevant, quite escapes me. I'm with Phil!

  18. Time to shut down anonymouse by not allowing Anonymous comments.

  19. I seem to recall that the British/French militarily successful venture in Suez was scuppered by the yanks.

    What a truly one sided relationship this is! Nothing changes.

  20. odrightie what do you say to Cameron now ha ha ha ha

    Cameron said
    "businessmen to run the army"
    Case for troop rise, says Cameron
    UK forces in Afghanistan
    Mr Cameron said the UK needed to build up Afghan forces rapidly

    There is a "very strong case" for sending more UK soldiers to Afghanistan, Conservative leader David Cameron has told the BBC.

    Mr Cameron stopped short of committing himself to increasing the UK's 9,000-strong presence if he won office.

    But he said if military chiefs made a request for extra manpower, there would be good reasons to make that happen.

    He told Radio 4's Westminster Hour that an increase in troop numbers would "Afghan-ise" the country quicker.

    Mr Cameron also told the programme that he expected his shadow cabinet to think like businessmen

    No retreat under Cameron poor old oldrightie all his hopes totally Dashed.

    Tony Blair marches on under the name of Cameron ha ha ha ha ha

  21. You are quite a moronic little man. Our Great and wise Dave will inherit this mess. I trust from the words above he has ideas as to how to sort it out. More than your sack of potatoes. So, I still want the troops home and I suggest, so do most of The Conservatives. We didn't start this rubbish and we were not in office when the biggest joke of all arose. Al Quaeda operatives in MI5.
    Now that is funny, alomost. We go to Ahghanistan and the then defense sec., another joke, Reid suggests a shot will not be fired. He then quits and takes a massive pay cheque to figurehead a "security" business in the east. More coruption, more snouting and more comedy.
    Give me Dave any day, especially his take on people like you!