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Friday, 7 August 2009


Oh, So Sorry, It's Holiday And Community Service (PR Opportunity) Time.

Don't expect much in your newspaper, this Saturday morning, about these poor dead soldiers. It's holiday time.

Five more young soldiers sacrificed needlessly this week, three just yesterday, whilst our politicians enjoy their no expense spared holidays. We are at war but you would hardly know it. Better move along here lads, we need more space as this political circus goes nowhere and the death toll mounts.

I am appalled at the cavalier attitude of a Government utterly bereft of competence. As bereft as the families they happily see bereaved. My heart goes out to the families and our very capable armed forces so badly let down. How dare they go on holiday, cretins. I bet Wootton Basset will show more honour and respect.

Billions for bankers, peanuts for the rest of us and an unwinnable and so expensive war carries on aimlessly and stupidly. Jeez but I'm angry. So depressing and pointless. 299 more days of this awful Government? I hope not.

The following are taken from,

Ret. Soviet Lt. General Ruslan Aushev.

"One should realise one thing: It is impossible to solve this problem by force… One should understand and know the history of Afghanistan. They have always been against foreign troops based in the country."


"no one learned how to fly a plane into the World Trade Center from the unpaved streets of yak herding Afghanistan."

Wooton Bassett Mourns, 7/08/2009.


  1. Just a question. How many Afghans and people from the North West Frontier are now in the UK? And where might they be?

  2. Shocking YouTube video on immigration, this is the legacy our Labour government has left us with. Email the link to all your friends.

  3. Demetrius, some were reported to be in MI5,
    Steve, Labour's gerrymandering through mass immigration was mad as mad can be from day one. In the 60s it was all about money, today all about power and corruption.

  4. What Does Cameron care he will want his own war soon enough.
    with a bit of luck he will send you there if he can find your hiding place

  5. Your hiding place, anonymouse, can easily be found - all it takes is some free software and a first class stamp.

  6. Anonymouse, since you are so clumsy and thick as to post the same comment twice, I have deleted one for you. I could have swatted both since it is my blog! However your presence is very welcome for the reasons I have frequently said.
    Now about fighting. What is your military background or ambitions? Same as most Labour twats, presumably and especially those in the cabinet. Not one who has ever served, just sent others to do it for them. Loathsome, really loathsome. Still, you know that, don't you, little man?

  7. I have posted this comment on GOT and Subrosa but I still feel the need to vent so you are getting it too.

    I am fuming that while our brave soldiers are being killed Mandelson Is Running Britain From Corfu.

    So the PM, His Deputy, his Minister of Defence are all on hols and the man they have left in charge is lying on a sun lounger at his billionaire buddies pad in Corfu. Grrrrrrrr.

  8. Go for it ha ha ha ha ha ha you first class prat.
    found me yet ha ha ha

    Oddrightie Didn't Adolf hitler do his miltary service and so did Hermann Göring he was a fly boy to.

    yeah miltary service is a sure sign of morality

  9. So now you are having a pop at our military! Weird. As to finding you, why on earth should I want to?

    Ollie, I couldn't agree more.

  10. You might laugh Anonymouse, but... You simply get hold of your IP address from this blog and submit a request for the name of your ISP, this tells if you're with BT or Tiscali, etc. Then you can request your personal details from the ISP with a simple postal form. The record companies are doing it all day long, for people who are ripping off EMI, etc. Comprendez?

  11. Demetrius.

    Remember when some Afghans hijacked a plane to Stansted?

    Our political masters decided it was too dangerous (for the hijackers) to be sent back.

    So they send our troops as sitting ducks, instead.

  12. Ollie Cromwell said...

    "I have posted this comment on GOT and Subrosa but I still feel the need to vent so you are getting it too.

    I am fuming that while our brave soldiers are being killed Mandelson Is Running Britain From Corfu."

    Could be worse. Harridan Harperson could be running the country from Downing St.

  13. Steve @ 15:11

    Then read this de-bunking:-

  14. Both powerful arguments and I am flattered you choose to debate here. However, please remember my passion is to see tight border and security controls world wide and our troops not sacrificed in a conflict we just cannot win. Experts are saying 20 years or more to win this. I say "WE CANNOT AFFORD IT OR WIN" as a nation or Globally. I hope you both appreciate the two links now on a widget.
    Joe, Harridan is better than a pederast. Only mariginally but still better.

  15. Oh Or, once again you strike the very heart of me.

    We're doing nothing for the Afghanis except superficial stuff such as building schools which, similar to Iraq, get bombed within weeks/months.

    Please, we need to use our troops to protect us and their highly profiled presence is going to destroy is given time.

  16. Subrosa, such undeserved passion in my direction, such powerful understanding of the mess!
    I found this young boy's pic so very moving.

  17. I wonder just how many corpses must pass through Wootton Basset before the anonymouse starts to feel a little uneasy 100? 1000? 10,000?

  18. Never mind our resident idiot, Edgar, how about our holiday reps?

  19. Trouble with the latter BBC report is that it is from State Owned/Controlled Socialist Television and unlikely to be have even a shred of accuracy.

  20. I appreciate your even-handed response to the Muslim statistics, OR. Pity Steve is too far gone to brook any argument.