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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Spin Is Failing?

Hearts and Minds, Jimmy, Lad?

Almost two-thirds of people oppose Britain’s continued deployment of troops in Afghanistan, a new poll shows. You have betrayed the hearts and minds of your own people let alone those you now wage war against. As for The Taliban, you turn a blind eye to their financial success, don't you.

This Labour Regime is mired is despicable lies and spin which people no longer believe. An unelected Prime Mentalist and a crooked Lord continue to prop up an edifice as disgraced as any memorial concentration camp building. They "Listen" to The People. Oh, yes, well you were to see us through the depression and you tell us it's over. So how about an election? Of course not, eight more months to stuff the blind trusts with enough cash to ride out the inflation tsunami you have made ready to unleash in the nastiness you will demonstrate in defeat. Just wait and see.


  1. You did a comment on a New Statesman item and I followed on to the effect that if you have armed conflicts people who are not combatants will get hurt. The evasion of this reality by the government is disgusting.

  2. eight more months ?

    Supposedly Labour 'could' delay the next election to 2013.

  3. The English are generally fair-minded people. We know the rules allow Brown to take the full 5 years as the term of this government.

    But it is the same fair-mindedness that will simply not allow these despicable rogues to apply any 'emergency rule'. Out they go after 5 years max, or there will be real trouble.

  4. Yawn! yawn! really big double Yawn!
    Incredibly long and deep Yawny! yawn!

  5. So, Anonymouse, the sight of this badly injured child makes you yawn.
    You self-righteous, sanctimonious areshole. So very New Liebour. If Jimmy Snot or Lord Pederast of Brazil are involved it's all so "perfick dahling". As for yawn, yawn, not one comment to date of yours has failed to make me yawn. That includes your latest.

  6. Wait a minute! Anonymouse has been taking spelling lessons! OR, we are having some impact here: keep at it!