Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Roll Over Suckers!

Helping Us Through The Recession?

Do remind me how supermarkets are supplied, people travel to work, heat their homes in many cases and operate police cars, ambulances and ministerial limousines? Of course, when fuel reaches £5 a litre our Jim will be wrapped in his nappy and riding his wooden steed. A mount from which manure is as rare as a brain cell in Snotty's nose excavated skull. As for the rest of Labour, they will have no trouble paying their way after 13 years of graft. That last word is certainly not related to their work on behalf of UK plc.
Growth may return but not for the little people's benefit. Just allows labours' bankers to screw us all yet again.


  1. Just how do you suggest getting hold of cheap oil oddy???????

  2. Simples, don't tax it to the hilt and swap some more terrorists to pay towards importing it. Another solution is fewer people equals less demand, ergo stop importing millions of new guzzlers every year.
    Then there are the savings to be made cutting out Government flights and car journeys. The high taxation will not reduce useage to the level anyone would notice. It's all just excessive nannying requiring excessive taxation. Still it affects the least well off the most, so that's OK, is it not?

  3. perhaps making deals with oil rich nations would work better.after all you have had the benefit all your life thanks to successive Governments from both parties its called realpolitik.

    you see under the skin they are all the same and if the nations gain an advantage for their peoples i say well done

  4. Seeing as the EU are banning the sale of old style light bulbs today, they can ban gas guzzling cars too. If they are going to control every aspect of our lives, they might as well do it properly. Goodbye 4x4s, good riddance to thoughtless drivers!

  5. Anonymous, your realpolitik kills more people than it ever helps. Ends justify the means, do they? Trade on an open, transparent merit, benefitting all, is the way to go. Not secretive, unpleasant back scratching and bumping off irritations or promoting stupid wars. Still African despots and mad dictators are all part of "realpolitik" thinking, so that's all right. How about killing of street urchins as a briliant culling "realpolitik"? Nope, give me some glimmer of decency and stop worshipping money and wealth at the cost of humanity.

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