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Sunday, 9 August 2009


We Mourn The Death Of Our Soldiers,

Soon We Shall Mourn

The Death Of Our Nation.

A fundamental human trait is to have roots. A place we know. A place our ancestors, our race, our culture originated. As cultures decline and races mingle, roots are lost, the sense of belonging fades and centuries have to pass to determine the outcomes of newly evolved cultures. Along the way much violence, ethnic displacement and utter nastiness, are inevitable consequences.

Why did we fight two world wars? Why are we fighting now? Ultimately it is all about "following the money". Starving Africans walk many miles to find water, food, shelter. Those before them wish to cling to these basic needs and will fight to avoid sharing or helping the new arrivals. My point? The mass movement of peoples, throughout history, has never ended well. Yet today this movement is encouraged by so called leaders, as long as their patch is not coveted and their goodies remain well protected. It is happening here, in The UK. It will not be pleasant. It is madness to swell a population way beyond it's sustainability.

Thank you Labour, you stupid, stupid people.


  1. "It is madness to swell a population way beyond it's sustainability."

    You're not wrong there.

  2. Oddrghtie

    Do you believe it is fair to allow free movement of capital(to go wither it wants around the globe to gain profit) but Labor is to remain locked into its national borders.

    Do you KNOW ?how many employers(torys) are using illegal labor (and refuse to employ native born British people)to make a little more profit.
    And should they feel the full force of British justice?

    And i am sorry to say the Gaelic and Celtic nations have a culture and proud history throughout the millenniums.

    Alas the English are a mongrel nation.

  3. Anonymous what makes you think the Celtic nations aren't mongrel? Bit of a strong statement there without any evidence.

    It is madness to swell a population beyond it's sustainability OR, but of course it's madness not to judge the quality of the swelling.

  4. Because they are composed fundamentally decent people.

  5. "Because they are composed fundamentally decent people."

    Might you kindly elaborate. please?

  6. Anonymouse, you're pretty anti-English. You forget that thousands of years of movement between the people of Wales, Ireland and Scotland has always meant that England is a happy cocktail of Celtic and Gaelic ethnicities. What is your nationality?

  7. The first half of the 20th Century battered this Nation to its knees, the effects of which was felt through the second half. By twenty years Post WW2, we saw a decline in Christian religion, morality and Patriotism. Even with our declining World stature, Stretched economy, declining Industrial base and domestic social upheaval, we have never had such a calamitous Government as this one. This Government has virtually destroyed our Nation using mass immigration as a tool. The Romans and Normans combined didn't even come close to this pit of Snakes.

    I tend to exaggerate but you get my drift

  8. This country has absorbed a number of waves of immigration: almost always, there is trouble at first but then the immigrants are seen to adapt and integrate. Irish, West Indians, Chinese, Flemings, Greeks, Indians (the non-muslims), all at various times have 'flooded' into this country. Some mingled, others remained aloof but reserved. Never was there any serious threat to the historic culture of these islands ... until the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

    Anonymouse, you are a fucking idiot if you think the culture of the UK is not changing faster than a head falling from the sword. Your obedience to your socialist indoctrination blinds you to the terrible danger that faces this country. Your creed could kill you, or members of your family. I'm sure they will be proud that you stuck your head in the sand right up to the end.

  9. "........if you think the culture of the UK is not changing faster than a head falling from the sword."

    You are very correct, as ever, Edgar.

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  11. Re: Alas the English are a mongrel nation.

    Most white males living in Britain today are genetically German, with Y chromosomes identical to people from Friesland, Holstein and Jutland.

  12. This is not about racial origins, it's about overcrowding and clash of cultures. Origins dictate culture.

  13. Unfortunately, when the government allow organisations like Hizb ut-Tahrir which incidently are illegal in Turkey, then it has to expect right wing groups to pop up.

    People are sick of Islamists making trouble, preaching hate and the government letting them get away with it.

    I can't help feeling this is being ignored by the UK government for a reason.

  14. A visa to all Turkish people in return for a Labour vote, Sue?!

  15. They have applied for EU membership. It will not be in Europes' best interest to allow 80 million muslims free range in Europe, we all know where most of them will end up!

  16. @Sue

    Yet another reason why we should get out of the EU now.