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Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Push To Control.

Fair Vote? I Doubt It!

This lead from

"The Irish Times reports that the Irish government has been urged to accept a recommendation that spending limits be imposed on companies campaigning in referendums, following the news that US multinational Intel will spend several hundred thousand euros backing the Yes campaign. No campaigner Roger Cole, Chairman of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance, said it was unfair that there were no limits imposed on wealthy companies."

Fresh from digging into the collusion behind supplying logistics to The Taliban to kill our troops, comes the news that "they" are throwing millions into buying out Ireland! Where will it all ever end? As more soldiers bodies are brought home, I wonder how much the Afghanistan apologists will react to the row between Holbrooke and Karzai? The Lisbon ConstiTreaty and our presence in Afghanistan are closer than people realise.


  1. Oh Or, can I pinch your graphic? Must do something about this myself too.

    This reminds me of the NO camp at the Scottish devolution referendum time but even worse.

  2. Yeah of course they are lisbon treaty and afghanistan two peas in the same pod

    Nutter you are Nutter a right wing Conservative Nutter.

    and Ireland is going to vote yes yes yes to lisbon your silly little graphic wont matter at all

  3. Hiya, Anonymouse. I gather you posted the same rubbish twice so I removed one of them for you, since it's beyond your intellect. As for a yes vote second time round, I suppose you've a big wedge on that black not going in?
    Now, as for linking Afghanistan and The EU Federal project, that takes a modicum of research. H
    Have a go then come back and repeat your abuse.
    Seems to have struck a nerve, though!