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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Oldrightie Goes A Digging!

Now About Lord Fondlebum's Corfu Host.

We have learnt how UK tax money is funding Taliban protection rackets and directly providing a link to the death of British and other troops. Also we have learnt that our hero, whilst in Corfu, met Ghadaffi's son and also David Geffen. On Mandy's return we had the Lockerbie bomber stuff and Internet piracy blurb. Now both these guys dined with Rothschild Senior. So what?
Nip back to 1997, and a company known as Defense Systems Limited. Now this company had an amazing background. Most pertinent was shares in DSL in the offshore portfolios of such major City of London financial houses as NatWest Ventures and Phoenex Fund Managers Limited. The latter was a subsidiary of Brierly Investments Limited. A huge, New Zealand-based multibillion-dollar fund run by Sir Ronald Brierly. According to its literature, DSL also enjoyed the full banking support of Rothschilds.
Now lets come into more recent an arena. DSL was merged with a small US company, Armor Holdings, in 1995 and a Richard C. Bartlett became a senior director and was a member of the elite Davos World Economic Forum, the Rothschild-owned Economists Group's Cross Border Monitor.
Even more amazing ArmorGroup International was absorbed recently into G4S. Now this outfit is a huge player in the provision of contractual services, worth billions, to ................................
Her Majesty's Government!
Now this is all so much conspiracy theory, isn't it? Well I suggest there is much more to be found than from this small blog's capability but by golly it's a start. Like I said in my angry post of yesterday, "follow the money". Old Lordy Smug just paid off a Mayfair £750,000 pad. Blood money?
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  1. I'm almost ashamed to say that this doesn't even shock me. Rotten and corrupt, through and through. Can anything other than a full-scale revolution sweep away this filth? I am beginning to wonder ...

  2. Excellent OR. Richard's following the money too, good for him.

  3. Edgar, Mrs OR says it was ever thus. Yet in the past the internet was not available to us plebs to get a shovel out. The BBC were reported yesterday to have big corruption details in Afghanistan. Today, zilch.
    Full-scale internet revolution is available to us. Mind you if Oldrightie disappears, come looking for why!

  4. Great!
    You're bookmarked for regular visits.

  5. I spent far too long yesterday depressing and angering myself over the swathes of information about the continual money-making corruption and crime that slips by as, yet again, thousands die in colateral damage clearing the way for the main purpose of making money. My bookmarked favorites section is now bursting at the seams.
    War is largely now an industry that is generated to make companies (rather than old fashioned imperialism) very rich but also, and here is the snag - they also employ hundreds of thousands if not millions. Companies that are too big to bring to heel and too big to allow to fail. They're made? For this, mothers have the Elizabeth Cross pinned to their dresses?

    Your point about the internet is correct but how do we distinguish these shadowy complexities as affects or effects in the countless elements that sustain war and want? I would imagine that what is NOT available on the internet is worse... and lately we thought bath plugs and extra-marital DVD hire was bad enough?

    Currently reading a book by Michael Parenti - 'Democracy for the Few' - which seems to sum up nicely our prentendy freedoms and laughable political morality. I can't think of what else to do - but I suggest we don't go for a walk in the woods - alone. Anyway, I've just got my voting papers from Kabul-R-Us, very reasonable, and I'm off to post them now - Viva Glenrothes.

  6. Clarinda, two things are important for power. Knowledge and money. A third is communication. We can gain advantage over two if not three of those through the internet.
    As for employment, soldiers can deploy to protect us whilst "we" build new and better edifices for the good of many, not just a few. Unlike Socialism, which is just a comfort blanket for the left. A blanket provided by the real power mongers.

  7. OR - I agree. This is being rumbled in a vastly more accessible and influential manner than the wait for telegrams and the media censorship of the past. I sincerely hope that the potential ripple effect of exposing these individual shysters in the UK will be accepted by their paymasters and media patsys without the usual fatuous accusations against those who dare to question. Some hope?

    It may also, however, be quite difficult to find a profiteering Peace Envoy position in the aftermath of contrived wars etc. - what will Tony do?

    What happened to the exposure of MPs second, third and fourth jobs/directorships we were promised before the recess? Is that whirring the sound of resignation letters being printed en masse?

  8. What happened to the exposure of MPs second, third and fourth jobs/directorships we were promised before the recess? Is that whirring the sound of resignation letters being printed en masse?

    I rather suspect they are seen as carpet sweepings!