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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

More Spade Work!

One Of The More Obvious Villains, So Far.

I appreciate that this Guy's standing down to pursue more lucrative pastures. It is also not news that the ex-Defense Minister received an appointment on £50K a year from G4S. We all realise that the movers and shakers work this global back scratching, at our expense, since time immemorial. However, the context of this blogging campaign is to root out such people behind helping The Taleban to kill British soldiers.
G4S is Group 4/Securicor. Remember, the useless "let prisoners escape, it's cheaper" brigade. Well this company is so immersed in Government contracts as to be virtually more powerful than The MoD and Civil Service combined. Their operations in Iraq and Afghanistan rival Blackwaters/Xe. I kid you not, our troops and indeed all of us are fodder to these people. It is global, it is greedy and it is immoral. Time for change. Any MP with paid links of any kind with these organisations, need shaming and sacking. Forget the expenses row, potentially they are complicit in the protection rackets and private (security) armies that are urging on conflict and war to further their own pockets. Wonder where Deripaska is in all this? Who is the highest profile mate of many of these people? I wonder if we can winkle out those traitors? It would be quite a service to those dead soldiers and their families.


  1. Absolutely fucking mind boggling how deep and wide the corruption is in our Government. It makes you wonder if they start these conflicts just so they can line their own greedy pockets.

    Oh and this'll cheer you up no end OR.

  2. More than interesting. What is worrying is why there is nobody in the the media digging and analysing any of this. I have recently had a debate with the BBC about how come an OAP with a cheap computer and no expertise can research and discover things far more effectively apparently than qualified and expert media professionals. But that was on another subject area. That I felt was important, but this one is a matter which is critical.

  3. "What is worrying is why there is nobody in the the media digging and analysing any of this."

    Sadly many of them dine at the same tables, particularly the proprietors.

  4. I'm sure it will stop under a conservative Government ha ha ha.

  5. I'm sure it will not. It may be a lot less bloody, though. Funny little chap.

  6. Shouldn't he be on the meths by now?

  7. Any of you wondering why DFID is concentrating it's eforst as UKAID on countries emerging from War?

    £8.9 Billion reasons for Dougies corrupt mates in NuLiebore to siphon off those readies.

    C*nts the lot of them, I predict a riot.