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Friday, 21 August 2009

The MoD to be renamed?

Where's This Trougher Extrordinaire Off To?

Hours of digging and so much amazing joined up stuff. It nearly always comes back to Defense Ministers, so far. Let's pop back to 2005. Rover got a multi-million reprieve just before the election. Whilst up in Rosyth, our Jimmy's shipyards were saved/reprieved through a 30 billion pound contract for carriers. Now who was behind this deal? Are they linked in any way to our Taliban buddies and receivers of our largess? You bet they are and I expect to see our Geoff perched on some lucrative cushion ere long supplied by these guys or one of their thousands of companies.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present the most corrupt, conniving but too big to be punished,

I realise they are a stellar and very well known player in the world of corporate dubious practices and just about the world leader in such activities. My question, however is why they directly or indirectly control masses of MoD contracts. Is the £6 billion quid of missing kit, incompetence and dreadful MoD failures, connected to this relationship? One thing is for certain, they have a big hold over our Labour Government and our Geoff has been more than happy to work with them. They have interests in DSL and were born of Halliburton. They have links with Balfour Beattie, Thales and too many to track. Lots and lots of MPs to find amongst their dark recesses and I rather suspect The MoD should be renamed,
A further connection, not surprisingly, is the banking scandals of recent months. Balfour were covered by RBS, LloydsTSB and HSBC. I now begin to realise that it was not American housing scams but the vested interests of these mega-corporations and their funds that were being touted round the equity markets. Lose those and no bucks to fund their operations or pay The Taliban. Now even if their drug income is substantial, bleeding the West of their cash is still good business. Meanwhile our troops continue on a mission and are in harms way for what? I'll put the shovel down for a while. It's like digging up a thousand square miles of mint!
Tomorrow may well be French flavoured mint and an old chum of Mandy's.


  1. Super post again OR. Could you change Forsyth to Rosyth though please? :)

  2. Sounds like govt-sponsored money laundering of the highest scale, OR, or perhaps we're all conspiracy theorists now :(

  3. Sorry for the error, Subrosa, duly changed!
    GV, the former for sure, despite my reputation!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! You should send your research to one of the better news agencies. This should all go public.

  5. They bleed us of cash by selling us drugs too, weaken our societies, and we look decadent to their potential recruits. They're very clever. Lenin said that the capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with. Obviously that's a principle that's well understood in this case.

  6. 'Windfalls of War' via The Centre for Public Integrity which appears to be an investigative group that updates US journalists, to great effect on the dirty deeds of Washington etc. - has a specific on-going project to investigate the billions spent and mispent in companies funded by governments (mainly US) to 'nation-build'. A good list of company names with a link to their "Paper Trail Blog" and current updates.

    We are not alone in misssing MoD billions (£6.7 and rising) - the US reckons at least one third,87,000, of its weapons have vanished along with 135,000 of other nations weapons donated to the US. This figure only refers to Afghanistan and the amount of 'missing' weapons in Iraq operations is almost as bad.

    I see that Poland is complaining about massive deficits in weapons and equipment desperately required by it's troops in Afghanistan.

  7. "Windfalls" is a terrific place for our blogging campaign here. What do I want? I want us out of Afghanistan and our troops back here to defend us against the dreadful state of our own vindictive bunch of dictators!

  8. The politics of envy is alive and well with Oddrightie be voting for the Communists next.

  9. Methy's in the library early this morning.

  10. Usedto work for them!!

    Have moved now