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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Labour Party Dances With Joy.........

For A Few Days of Apparent Success.

Labour bring home our troops in ever greater numbers, as returning aircraft pour into Lyneham.

Let us examine what they and their MSM pals

were overjoyed about;

A plonker Tory was hung by his own petard, by a young and deceitful, dishonest vandal. Not so much a sprat to catch a mackerel as a prat to catch a prat:
Someone spoke about the wasteful and dirty NHS to The Yanks and suddenly Brown wants to use the age old rubbish that Tories want to bash the NHS cash:
Fondlebum ran around calling in the zillions of favours owed him by The MSM traitors and posing all over the papers, Odious creep:
And, well that's it really.

Now, whilst this was going on Air Traffic were beginning to have to stack the coffin laden aircraft overhead, so many returning at once. Only just this moment has it been released that three more soldiers have been killed.

I posted G.O.T's moving video earlier because I just could not face doing my own post so soon after more than 200 lives were lost. Now we have a major infiltration into Kabul, The Americans have stated unequivocally "The Brits have not the capability to hold Musa Qala" and the deaths of our soldiers begin to rise without anything but Labour sound bites and auto-cue, stage managed Jimmy Snotbox crocodile tears.
This is a Government that is so steeped in the odious mire of power and get rich quick politics they give not a toss about our Country, it's people and it's brave armed forces. There was Aintworthalot on The BBC this morning. Hugh (snarylip) Edwards was almost fondling his knee. Piggytrough was dressed to the nines in about £5000 worth of clothing and another £5000 quids worth of wig. Wiggy Bob crowed about his 'elicopter expertise and how utterly wonderful he is. Smug Git.

Now we must concentrate. When a Labour failure is starting to resonate in the Publics' conscience we get the tried and tested samespeak, repetitive dogma line trotted out. Complain about the legalised, Government inspired mass immigration, you're a racist; about homosexual favouritism and promotion, hey, homophobia; about The NHS bureaucratic cost and incompetence, you're slagging off the medical and front line support staff.

So if you are horrified at the losing battle and repeating of history in Afghanistan, you are not supporting the troops, get it?
Yet, The Labour Party suppressed these very troops from voting since 2005., (cheers Goodnight Vienna). In other words Labour and Jimmy's mantra is "Do as you are told or else we come after you with our thought police".

It is all getting very nasty. Millipede says terrorism can be the bees knees. He may well get a big response to his call to arms. Trouble is who will be the first section of our multi-cultural society to take him at his word? Labour, for all their leaping on relatively minor Conservative hiccups ,might do well to stop and listen to the gathering storm of an electorate likely to sweep them away for ever, in revenge for their disgraceful and disgusting behaviour to our Armed Forces, let alone the laying to waste every tenet that was once part of a decent Country to live in.


  1. Wiggy Ainsworth trotting round the media studios today. What an utter embarrassment. If Labour won a trillion quid tomorrow it would be gone by evening. Wasters and wankers the lot of 'em.

  2. What does Jobsworth look like? A man who was sacked as a bailiff for coarseness? Blakey from 'On the Buses'? I don't know.

    I thought I heard him the number of 'helicopter hours' had been doubled. If Squinting Edwards picked him up on that then I apologise to him because I missed it. I'd left the room to throw some crockery about.

    What does that mean? That crews are flying more hours? That maintenance of the machines has been cut back? It doesn't mean that the number of helicopters has been doubled, that's all I'm sure of.

  3. Have you read the most recent post on DotR? The Americans are taking over our troops because they're exhausted.

  4. Hi, Subrosa, yes I did see this. It lurches from bad to worse. Jimmy Snot's brilliant talent for fu***ng all before him. Please take him back, please!