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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Is It Holiday Time?

Not For Many Of Our Soldiers and Their Families.

A British soldier has been killed by an explosion in southern Afghanistan, 4th of August, 2009.
It is believed his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device.

A military press officer is suing the Ministry of Defence and claiming that he was forced to tell "government lies" to the families of British soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
John Salisbury-Baker, 62, says that his job required him to insist to bereaved families and the media that the soldiers had been properly equipped when they were killed, something he had come to believe was untrue and "morally indefensible".


What is there to say?


  1. And of course the civil servant is suing for PDSD. So telling lies for a living causes shell-shock?

  2. Notice that Harman is back, day after day, with her obsessively feminist ranting. She couldn't give a hoot about the armed forces.

    She's just a one-woman man-hating machine. Two weeks of her in charge have caused enough problems, can you imagine an entire parliamentary term?? Sheer nonsense.

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  4. Steve,

    A woman's work is never done. That's why they don't deserve equal pay.

    Bollocks to Harman.

  5. and bollocks to gopher Glenys!

  6. Feel free to chat among yourselves!

  7. No, it's fine, really. Good to see you all here.

  8. Oldrightie doesn't mind what you say as long as you are on his side. Just carry on boys!

  9. Must be Labour, left out the girls!

  10. Which one out of Steve and Killemall is a girl?