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Monday, 10 August 2009

I Am SO Glad He Left!

While One Buffoon is Away..................

Another rapturous welcome for a Labour Twit!

Quentin Davies MP, Minister for defence equipment
BBC News
"Mr Davies accused journalists of sensationalising stories about troop equipment shortages in Afghanistan.

He said that if questions were put to soldiers serving at the moment, they would give positive accounts of the quality of equipment provided."

They were put you; well what word is there?

Tap, tap, firmly on said twats thick skull. "If questions were put......". Who the f**k are The MoD, then?

"The MoD survey of more than 10,500 military personnel found that only 31% were satisfied with the main equipment at their disposal. A third of senior officers expressed "dissatisfaction", while 28% of senior ranks said that not enough armoured vehicles and helicopters were available."

This contradiction of a turncoat imbecile beggars belief. The number of times Labour pillocks claim to know what everyone else does, thinks or believes, is such arrogance. Jimmy Snot, for example, "What people want is to know is that I'm getting on with the job....". Try asking, you unbalanced, unstable mental Pygmy. The same goes for your traitorous Quentin Quisling. I doubt the MSM will pick up on this gaffe. For me it is the gaffe of August, so far. Plenty of time to go, mind you. I hope a few people grab this and stuff it up his well upholstered, tax payer funded arse! Dear oh dear. This is what passes for a junior minister? Yup, and his boss is..................?


  1. Not very in control of his brief, is he. I wonder if he knows the casualty figures?

  2. Just seeing photos of these incompetent fools renders me speechless.

  3. Hopeless queyntes! Bloody metal bashers, the pair of them.

  4. this evil tory MP is more of a rotter than the two here:

  5. This guy, Gray, is involved in private affairs that do him no credit but they are NOT matters of state and do not involve misleading the public on affairs that are costly to The Nation in dead soldiers and huge financial debt. As for expenses, Aintworthalot makes him look parsimonious. 12 plus years of Labour has left MPs of all parties able to fiddle and defraud, in all but name, for want of something better to do. Meanwhile the inner Cabal of buffoons carry on regardless.

  6. Best to get Gray out of the way, though, before the Conservatives take over and transform this country to paradise (I don't think!)

  7. Conservatives take over and transform this country to paradise

    Whatever you think, it will seem like it after this lot!

  8. It's easy to see why Fondlebum wanted that turncoat twat out of the room before he would talk openly with Brownarse during the most recent leadership crisis.