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Monday, 24 August 2009

Here's Something You May Not Know!

Bombing The Moon!

I haven't finished my digging and mining work but this caught my attention. It would seem that The Moon does not get enough bangs from outer space, so we are going to have a bash ourselves. Not very friendly, is it? I suppose they'll want to nuke it before long. Why? Because we can!


  1. The United States launching missiles at the Moon - 'in search of water'?

    Oh, yes, of course. Nothing at all to do with the fact that the Chinese announced back in 2002 that they would start building a manned station on the Moon in 2010.

    Just making sure there'll be enough water for the Chinese to cook their noodles, I suppose.

  2. They haven't run out of places to bomb down here yet.

  3. Well, perhaps their green cheese reserves are waxing and waning?

    On Global Research today -"Pentagon plans for Global Military Supremacy" by Rick Rozoff.