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Monday, 17 August 2009

The Enemy's Weekly Meeting.

The Taliban Meet To Share Out The Protection Money?

Hat tip to LFAT.

Dear Wiggy Bob,
Please explain to this Oldrightie how you can justify my taxes, meant for my armed forces, hospitals and Country are being squandered on lucrative contracts for shadowy companies to pay protection rackets and therebye fund those Taliban fighters' arms, ammunition and explosives? Perhaps Jimmy's brother or some long forgotten mate is busy providing the go between or the "security" guards to help smooth the whole underhand operation? Maybe your old buddy, John Reid's security firm is handling the cash flow? Or the gun running logistics. Whoever, you are all doing a cracking job to make sure the Taliban have a ready supply of top standard stuff. Saw some of it paraded for the cameras by the cool, calm fighters of a well equipped guerrilla force. Shame you are so busy maintaining that supply line you are too stretched to run ours.
If you thought we, your adoring Public, were not supporting the "mission" here is yet a more disgraceful and bloody good reason to detest your Governments very presence on earth. FFS, you and Jimmy are costing us millions to fund...................



  1. This has to be more widely known. I'll do my best and hope others link to it too.

  2. Thanks for that OR - there's so much detail and it puts it all in context.

  3. What the fuck!!!

    Right, that's it.
    I've definitely 'gone off on one' now.
    Blood vessels popping everywhere.

    More from me about this later . . . .

  4. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised: not at the 'funding' of the Taliban, but the redaction(?) of all reference to this fueling of warfare by our elected representatives and their MSM lapdogs. Both unwilling to upset the multi-national or homegrown racketeers gaining from war.
    Two articles from "Who is funding the Taliban? - You don't want to know" by J Mackenzie and "The Real Grand Chessboard and The Profiteers of War" by Prof. Peter Dale Scott throw some public light on the shocking incongruity of this "winnable" war - and there ain't nobody (t)here but us chickens who are more likely to lose.
    Was it just me who sensed a very uncomfortable irony at the broadly smiling faces of those who openned the Erskine Rehab. facility in Scotland yesterday compared with the dignified and restrained expressions on the faces of the wounded and disfigured soldiers?

  5. Clarinda, here is a massive scandal blogging could combine to open wide. God willing we can. There's a fight worth fighting. As for Wiggy's, "Winnable war", it's winnable by only one side and they are Afgahns.

  6. Goos luck getting a reply from Bob.

  7. I read this the other day

  8. OR - I find it deeply unsettling that a government and its lapdog media that have consistently dismantled, through ingnorance, incompetence or deliberate political intent, the traditions, institutions, culture and potential etc. of the UK - in effect nation demolition - somehow think they can 'nation-build' in Iraq and Afghanistan. Interestingly they are terrified of real nation-building in Scotland!

    Labour espouse the politico-humanitarian benefits of democracy abroad whilst installing their own version of facist controls here and the unelected directives from the bureaucratic EU hulk - hypocrits.

    You may gather that I'm not a unionist but why would anyone want to be part of this dis-assembled patsy union in its current form. In Scotland we have a chance to install and promote decent governance, most likely through Independence, because we want our national and international integrity back with all of its risks and benefits. it's time England did the same.

    I think you are right in realising that it will be the blogosphere that must lead in exposing the commercial and criminal commerce that underpins the pursuit of war in Afghanistan and the rest....? To expect a dunderheid like Bob-a Jobsworth to avail us of his dizzying levels of intellectual terminal velocity is literally a no brainer and therefore we will not be holding our breath. So its up to what's left of British democracy to take a stand - that is if we're not arrested first for threatening to form an inaugural small crowd? Keep your gunpowder dry.

  9. In my local gaol, the cost and quality of the drugs on sale is better than in the array of drinking clubs along the road, so I am told. The suppliers are in a chain run by some very rich men who do not pay taxes of any kind. These men are also big in property. The government has tried to run the economy and finance on the back of an inflating property market. So where do the drugs come from?

  10. Clarinda
    Good points but a 'no brainer' means it will happen.

  11. Utterly mad, the Reuters blog is a good link. We spent 30 years arming them to fight the Soviets and now we wonder why they are so hard to defeat!

  12. Keep it going, my merry band. The reuters link is also included in "heresy corner". We cannot have too many links. Push it hard and we might get the crap professional media whores to wake up!
    Clarinda, you send us this bag of utter sh1tee to London then complain how bad they are! I'll do a "Union" post one of these days. I do fully appreciate and understand your thinking but will we not all end up EU Soviet States, ere long? One of my arguments for The Union is to be united against the EU.

  13. Oh OR, I never sent you anyone who's there at the moment - and believe me I'm just as incensed as you are - idiots are no respecters of national origins. My ex-constituency MP was Nicolas Fairbairn - nuff said! However, I see that Glenrothesitis is alive and well in Afghanistan today with votes for sale in bundles of hundreds.
    If your lunch is fully digested - have a read at David Minibrain's straw clutching in the DT today on 'Three vital steps to rebuild Afghanistan', but reading its following comments will function as a strong anti-emetic.

  14. When they come to make a movie about our role in Afghanistan I think Speilberg will have to pad it out a bit with helicopters and armoured vehicles. Reality would look so unconvincing. British Tommies driving around in Land Rovers carrying rifles is just so WW2 darling.

  15. "British Tommies driving around in Land Rovers carrying rifles is just so WW2 darling."

    It sure is Anon but costing a lot of lives. A bloody disgrace.

  16. Aren't the Taliban conservative Muslims just like you oddrightie being a conservative Englishman.

    Both fighting to retain thier traditions and culture. See you have much in common with the Afghanistan muslim mullahs

  17. I see the ignorant twat's back again, OR.

    I take it this is the kind of "justified" terrorism that Bananaman was talking about - absolutely disgraceful!

    I've posted about this over at my place, OR, complete with links.