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Monday, 31 August 2009


Have They Won?

I am Considering Quitting.

Jimmy rules supreme and nothing changes. The expenses crap is forgotten, our soldiers' deaths are meaningless and a maniac rules over us with gleeful abandon. Meanwhile our subservient, shit, benefit claimants giggle at the hard working East Europeans' dedication to dignity.

I am physically and mentally ill with this so called government's evil and ignorant behaviour. My blog is so pitiful and small. How can I continue to fight the shit that is Labour control? Well, many people have fought greater deprivation and odds. Come on Ireland screw their control. Come on Britain, do not accept all the crap shovelled down your eager throats. You will be sick tomorrow. Labour is the hangover from hell. Just remember, Jimmy picks his nose and wipes it in your faces. How?

This picture shows him lauded for his anal reception. Think about it or lose your freedom. Gordon suddenly loves The Taliban.

Gordon's ecstasy at being promised unlimited access to young boys. One up on Foy's Brazilian paucity! It has cost and still to be counted British lives. Heck, Nat will be overjoyed! I have also sold The Uk's road tax gathering to The Rothschilds. How good is that?


  1. Don't quit, OR. You might be tiny but every voice counts. Labour and socialism need smothering, for the good of the Nation's health!

  2. This so called Government has ruled for Labour and power.The middle classes, Liberals, anyone not on their side, are villified. We are becoming a Nation of robots.

  3. If I were you I would quit too. Just enjoy your lovely home and happy marriage, which you are very fortunate to have. These blogs are so depressing I don't want to read them any more. Conservatives are going to win next time anyway (sorry about your MP though)

  4. Quitting is easy and we're not easy are we OR? Stick with it, lots of small blogs like us CAN make a difference.

  5. We can't affrod to lose sane voices such as yours OR. They are few enough. Far from being depressing such voices are rare sources of cheer, partisans fighting the forces of occupation.

  6. No-o-o-o-o-o-o! *hurls own body in front of bullet*

    I don't agree with everything you say, OR, but even the stuff I don't agree with is better than what we actually have to tolerate from the monsters in charge.

    Nothing last for ever: although sometimes it seems like it does.

  7. Another day and it's a better one already! I will take my arch enemy, Fondlebum's mantle and not be a quitter! Thank's for helping!

  8. Oldrightie - this is how the shysters get us, by hoping for and obtaining our capitulation - nooooo way as far as I'm concerned.
    Please, please read 'Ithaca' by CP Cavafy -
    -if you listen to the link the poem is read by Sean Connery. I find it consoling and practical when on the verge of 'what's the point' - there is always a point! I'm hopeless at giving links - too old probably - but that's the Google address above!
    Noli arrogantium iniurias pati?

  9. Thank you very much, Clarinda. Even mentions Cyclops!

  10. We're all small and pitiful in our own ways OR and it's only to natural to wonder if we can ever make a difference. The best thing is just to carry on. The fightback has barely begun - at the moment I feel we're just marking time, waiting for... something. Clarinda's poetry page was wonderful - I've spent a happy hour or so mooching there and following links so thanks C.

  11. Well done, OR - you got the desired result - your faithful followers begging you to stay.
    You are an attention-seeking liar.
    You should read Snark, by David Denby - describes you to a T.

  12. Aren't we upset. You are the attention seeking coward, shirking behind your anonymity. I really was feeling very ill when I did that post. The support I got makes you look the nasty leftie cretin you are. Come on, twat, post under your own name or identity, I dare you. One thing is for sure, while you bunch of supporting of a perverted bunch of shite in power, exist, my will is very determined. You very nasty man.

  13. That's more like it, OR! Apart from all the support you get here from everyone, you also have the added benefit of the ignorant, poisonous, Anonymous twat to keep your fighting spirit up - he perked you up instantly! What on earth would you do without his vile, venomous, unfounded Lefty hatred to help you remember why you started this blog in the first place AND your reply to him was a well-aimed kick in the wotsits!

    The end of Labour is clearly in sight now, so just you hang on in there, OR - I mean, it must be worth it just to annoy the shit out of that cowardly, spiteful Anonymous fucker alone!

  14. How can I be attention-seeking if I am anonymous?
    Barking Spider - BS also stands for .....

  15. "How can I be attention-seeking if I am anonymous"

    Ignorance is bliss. An attention seeker is someone who crave to satisfy their own egotistical needs. Ergo, by being Anonymouse, you get the attention without having to share it.
    As for Barking Spider, you really screwed that. Of course he knows the other BS initials you silly fool.