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Friday, 14 August 2009

Caption Time!

Was Your Holiday This Good?

With grateful thanks to "Youngrightie"

For a very needed bit of light banter, how about a go at giving these pair................ Well, a caption at least!


  1.'re not the gentleman I was expecting... Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers

  2. Mandy to Gordo,

    "It's been a long time since your right hand was there!"

  3. Is that Daniel Hannan over there - I must go and thank him!

  4. Phwaaarrhh. Nice buns.

  5. M: I have a feeling we mis-read the signs and are on the wrong beach.
    G: Grab some towels quick!

  6. Don't look round Gordon, but is that tall man to my right in the blue Speedos just pleased to see me?

  7. That's OldRightie over there, now's our chance!

  8. Dammit, Gordon, this holiday is passing so quickly - only another 137 days to go ....

  9. Look whats that young lad doing to missus Oddrightie Gordon

    Yeah I know she said its been so long since she has slept with a real man Mandy

    well she is certainly making up for it now.

    Gordon and Mandy
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    go for it son Ha ha ha ha ha

  10. "I can still taste your knob from this morning, Mandy!"

    BTW, that Anonymous is fucking mental!

  11. Ah fuck off anonymouse, go and wank somewhere else.

  12. He who lives by the insult

  13. Anonymouse, if you knew anything about me, your pathetic little personal jibes would wither in the stench of your own breath. My attacks on the personalities of our Labour Government scum are based on the fact they wreck our country, my and millions of others' pensions and behave as pederasts and wealthy, ugly psychophants to the rich and powerful.
    I pity the likes of you little weirdos who support a regime incapable of decency and realism. As for slugging it out with your kind, my little piece of shit, bring it on.
    I shall not laugh at you because you are not in the least bit clever or funny.
    Now your blog is? Your partner is? Are they as OK as mine? Are you as well versed in the real world as I? No? Thought not you little creep.
    Now tell us a bit about yourself. My reading is that you are highly qualified earning around £80K a year in a senior job for someone so young. You have a wide circle of friends, work voluntarily for many good causes, live in a superb house and your feelings for this Labour Government are of disgust and loathing for the poverty they have condemned so many to. You feel so badly about all their failings you have decided to run a blog to show up the kind of people they are. Well done you, please send us all the blog address so we can assist you in your efforts.

  14. so you can give but cant take it best stop Blogging your not tough enough.

    Actually i am homeless and using a pc from a library being a alcoholic haven't many or any friends. Apart from you and the others on oddrightie the Blog Oh! and I never vote for anybody or swear at people.

  15. "so you can give but cant take it best stop Blogging your not tough enough"

    I really don't understand that logic. I am "taking it" by not deleting or blocking your unpleasant comments.
    As for your weird claims as to your status in life, that is even more strange. Still if there is truth in what you say it pleases me my blog gives you something to do and even think about.
    As for being homeless, we shall all be joining you soon as Jimmy Snot taxes us further into the doggy doo doo.
    Keep on commenting and try and turn your life around. If you are genuinely as you say you are, I really care if you get something from being aggressive to me and my small band of anti Labours' wars and horrendous society.
    Leave Mrs Oldrightie out of it though, not fair game at all unless she posts a blog here.

  16. So, basically, he's pissed up on meths and posting from a library every time he opens his thick, Anonymous mouth. Only a lefty, commie, shit-for-brains twat would bring Mrs OR into this in the first place - he's not only an idiot, he's a right cunt, but, of course, he doesn't realise!

  17. You don't think he might actually be the incredible Tom Miller, do you?

    Well, I find him incredible/unbelievable!!!

  18. I mean, I don't believe a word the bastard says!

  19. Hi, BS, thanks for those kind words!

  20. Mandy: I do hope that paparazzi photograph isn't a full frontal darling. Maybe we shouldn't have come out today.

    Gordy : Don't worry babe. Doesn't matter if it is. My heavies are on to him. They'll smash his camera up and kick him in the balls the moment he leaves this gay beach. How very dare he.

  21. Excuse me, OR.

    anonymous you are a nob you carnt spell eever. did yer wanna say sumfink about OR's missus, vat is well out of order did yer go to skool or was you always homeless? we have a nickname for you - Thrush - becos you are an irritating cunt. yew shud feel very lucky that OR allows you're comments through what a fair bloke he must be. please let me know how i can give a donation towards youre alcoholism. the sooner it is cured on a permanent basis, the better.

    Thanks, OR.