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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Brown Beats Cameron, Hands Down!

I've Got More Clout Than You, Davy!

First of all check out the pic from the link. A soldier is asking Jimmy what? It's making Snotty mince very hard. As for why he rushed off this weekend? He heard Dave was due out there later this week. Big PR coup, so they think in the No.10 spin dryer. Can't say I agree, can you? What a self-centered clown. My pic is more accurate than even I imagined.


  1. When General Montgomery addressed troops informally, they simply gathered round him to listen. They were not required to be in the Stand At Ease position as opposed to either Stand Easy or fallen out. Does that tell us all something?

  2. How nauseating it must be to have this hoon standing in front of you, mouthing off, in a theatre of war.

    Lions led by a coward of the first order, a parasitic bag of living putrefaction, a snot-picking madman whose sole aim in life is to sell this nation off to the highest bidder. Libya, BP - anyone will do.

    How the parents and families of those who have lost loved ones in this war have not managed to strangle the bastard with their own hands is beyond me.

    Shameless cunt.

  3. "A soldier is asking Jimmy what?"

    20-year-old Lance Corporal Dean Byfield asked:

    "Why do we pay tax when we’re here fighting for Britain?"

  4. Aye, and Brown reminded him that he was a British 'employee' working abroad.


  5. Still it'll be different if Cameron becomes prime minister ha ha ha ha ha

  6. In no way shape or form can it be worse, arsehole.