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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Breaking News and it's from the BBC!

Are The Sycophants Away And We Have Real Journos at play?

Only It's Not Toenails. I don't fancy her chances for 299 days, though!

The excellent Lady is updating her scoop at 2330. Now that is dedication and real blogging. Fantastic!


  1. Big improvement on Toenails in every respect!

  2. Saw this a while ago, OR. What the hell is she doing working for the BBC? I can't believe they let her post it! If only Toenails would stay away for good!!

  3. I've seen her on the Daily Politics a few times as an occasional/stand-in presenter there too (as was/is Jo Coburn). Seemed okay, though I couldn't determine anything deeper than that there.

    Anyway, it just shows that the lady has been around for a while and seems to have a grasp of things political.

  4. I certainly would, OR.

  5. Alas, she might well get stuffed up a chimney.

  6. I posted several strong comments on this topic. Some were allowed through until this morning when the backroom figures came in to work. Amazing, Ms Kuensberg seemed to have been happy to publish but not the censors! freedom my arse!